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The After School Enrichment classes are conveniently timed so students can attend immediately after school. Students who are attending an After School Enrichment (ASE) class should go to their ASE class location directly after school.

If your child attends Kid’s Country, please send your child directly to the class or have an authorized adult sign out the child and bring him/her to the class. Some instructors are able to pick–up from Kids Country by request, please see the individual course descriptions for availability. All instructors will bring children to Kids Country at the end of class if requested.

For more information on our procedures please see the ASE Parent Information Sheet or contact Steve Cox at 973-3332 or scox@sanramon.ca.gov.


Mad Science:  Wacky Wonders
Come explore the science behind everything around us! We will learn the science behind optical illusions, magic tricks, and movie effects. We will discover how and why the toys we all know and love work the way they do. We will use science to explain how we can stay connected with friends and family over long distances. Help us use science to solve the mystery of chemistry! With hands on activities we will explore mysterious mixtures and surprising solutions. We will need to put our mystery solving skills to the test as we use science to solve the mystery of Mr. Baker's stolen cookie recipe. After we help solve this tasty mystery, we will learn about the science of our taste buds and get interactive experience with blind taste tests! As we discover the science around us, you will take something home with you after every class to help you continue your investigations at home!

Instructor: Mad Science of Mt. Diablo
Grades:  1-5
Dates: 2/2-3/23 * No class 2/16 & 3/16
Time: 2:40-3:40
# of Classes:
Fee: $127(R/GO)/$159(N)
Act #:  93287

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Do you like to draw but have trouble making the images look the way you imagine them? Do you struggle when you have to sketch things in science class? Connect your creativity with simple drawing technique that can make a big difference in this engaging sketchbook art class. Students will learn basic drawing techniques to create animals, people and buildings. $25 supply fee payable to the instructor at the first class.

Instructor: Sharon Barker
Grades:  2-5
Dates: 2/2-3/23
Time: 2:40-3:40
# of Classes:  6
Fee: $99(R/GO)/$124(N)
Act #: 93511

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Learn basic gymnastic skills independently and with a group while having fun!  Different gymnastics equipment will be brought to class each week.  Improve strength, flexibility and coordination through fun games and exercises.

Grades: 1-2
Dates: 1/27-3/3
Time: 2:40-3:25
# of Classes:  6
Fee: $93(R/GO)/$116(N)
Act #:  93407

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Beginning/Intermediate Chess
Chess is fun and easy to learn! If you are new to chess or polishing your skills, come develop your understanding and enjoyment of the king of games!  Lessons and play combine the skills of thinking with the thrill of sport. Berkeley Chess School has been teaching State Chess Champions since 1982.

Instructor: Berkeley Chess - School
Grades: 1-5
Dates: 1/28-3/25 * No class 3/18
Time:  1:10-2:10
# of Classes:  8
Fee: $149(R/GO)/$186(N)
Act #:  93310

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Creative Writing
Students will learn Lekha's time-tested methods to overcome writer's block while writing short stories, poems, and short skits. Students will be introduced to a variety of fiction and nonfiction genres. They will progress into genre writing and learn how each genre has its own set of particular rules that drives character creation, setting, and plot.

Instructor: Jyoti Yelagalawadi Lekha Ink
Grades: 2-5
Dates: 1/28-3/25 * No class 3/18
Time: 1:10-2:10
# of Classes:  4
Fee: $200(R/GO)/$250(N)
Act #:  93480

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Fun with Aerospace Engineering
Have fun building hands-on projects that fly! Students will engage in projects such as building a Rocket or a Helicopter, and will learn the science behind flight, aerodynamics, and propulsion. Students take home completed projects to show off to parents and siblings! This fun class exposes students to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), the scientific method, planning, prioritizing, time management, and organization. Students will gain a better understanding for how things fly and stay afloat in the sky, and will learn how to break down and analyze problems. Visit http://ponacademics.com for more details. $35 materials fee payable to the instructor on the first day of class.

Instructor: Pon Academics LLC
Grades: 1-5
Dates: 1/29-2/26
Time: 2:40-3:40
# of Classes:  5
Fee: $159(R/GO)/$199(N)
Act #:  93460

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Public Speaking:  Structure your Speech
The aim for this class is to have each participant write a well-structured engaging speech. Kids at this age usually find it challenging to organize their many! ideas. This class focuses in helping participants give a clear structure to their thoughts. Students study how to write speeches on different kinds of topics and for different occasions. They learn to write speeches on descriptive, expository, narrative, process, cause and effect types of topics as well as speeches for social occasions and ceremonies.  They practice speaking with confidence.

Instructor: Ritu Khurana Bay Area Debate Club
Grades: 3-5
Dates: 1/29-3/26 *No class 3/19
Time: 2:40-3:40
# of Classes:  8
Fee: $160(R/GO)/$200(N)
Act #:  93485

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No Classes

For more information on our procedures please see the ASE Parent Information Sheet or contact Steve Cox at 973-3332 or scox@sanramon.ca.gov.