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The After School Enrichment classes are conveniently timed so students can attend immediately after school. Students who are attending an After School Enrichment (ASE) class should go to their ASE class location directly after school.

If your child attends YMCA, please send your child directly to the class or have an authorized adult sign out the child and bring him/her to the class. Some instructors are able to pick–up from YMCA by request, please see the individual course descriptions for availability. All instructors will bring children to YMCA at the end of class if requested.

For more information on our procedures please see the ASE Parent Information Sheet or contact Steve Cox at 973-3332 or scox@sanramon.ca.gov.


Fun with Aerospace Engineering
Have fun building hands-on projects that fly! Students will engage in projects such as building a Rocket or a Helicopter, and will learn the science behind flight, aerodynamics, and propulsion. Students take home completed projects to show off to parents and siblings! This fun class exposes students to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), the scientific method, planning, prioritizing, time management, and organization. Students will gain a better understanding for how things fly and stay afloat in the sky, and will learn how to break down and analyze problems. Visit http://ponacademics.com for more details. $35 materials fee payable to the instructor on the first day of class.

Instructor:  LLC Pon Academics
Grades:  1-5
Dates:  2/2-3/9 * No class on 2/16
Time:  2:40pm-3:40pm
# of Classes:  5
Fee: $159(R/GO)/$199(N)
Act #:  93458

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Guitar 1
Learn to play the guitar in this entry level class for beginners who have never played before. Participants will play familiar tunes and get comfortable with the instrument while learning basic chords and tablature. Bring a guitar. $10 supply fee.

Instructor:  Debra Knox
Grades: 3-5
Dates:  2/3-3/24 * No class 3/17
Time:  2:40pm-3:40pm
# of Classes:  7
Fee: $165(R/GO)/$206(N)
Act #: 92964

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Cool Clay Sculptures ASE
Learn how to make beautiful and colorful clay sculptures without the use of a kiln or glaze. We will make creative dishes, animals and beads for jewelry while learning how to cut, roll,
pinch and shape special air-dry clay. We will use various media including acrylic paint and watercolor paint to decorate the sculptures after they are dry. $25 Supply fee payable to the instructor at the first class

Instructor:  Susanna Ordway 
Grades:  1-5
Dates:  2/4-3/4
Time:  1:15pm-2:15pm
# of Classes:   5
Fee: $139(R/GO)/$174(N)
Act #:  93730

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No Classes


No classes

For more information on our procedures please see the ASE Parent Information Sheet or contact Steve Cox at 973-3332 or scox@sanramon.ca.gov.