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The David Glass House
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Who Was David Glass?
In 1877, David Glass, who was prosperous but never wealthy, opted to build a home with an imposing exterior design. The style of architecture was Italianate, a sophisticated new fashion that had been introduced in the Bay Area during the mid-1860's by architects who migrated to San Francisco from the East Coast. An impressive two story, nine room structure, prominently situated in San Ramon between Dublin and Walnut Creek, the Glass house would have stood in proud contrast with the modest homes of most of its neighbors in the small, rural community that existed in the San Ramon of the 1870's.

The Glass House is an important part of the San Ramon community. As such, contribution from active community members play a large role in the restoration project. Please take the time to discover the remarkable story of San Ramon's history, deeply embedded in one of its earliest and most prominent families, and the house in which they resided.

The History of The Glass Family and The Glass House Video

Watch the history of the Glass Family unfold in this 8 minute video.
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Sponsors and Contributors

Shappell Homes
Shappell Homes is generously building the bridge that will cross the creek that divides the Boone House and the Glass House.

Wood Turners Guild
The Wood Turners Guild handcrafted the wooden picket fence that surrounds the house. This fence is modeled after the original fence.

Gregory Associates
Gregory Associates contributed to the Glass House project in the form of a monetary donation.

Contact Us

Program Manager : Kim Giuliano
Phone Number : (925) 973-3366
E-mail : kgiuliano@sanramon.ca.gov


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