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Forest Home Farms Historic Park is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Saturdays feature free family activities from 11am to 2pm. Take a tour of the restored Victorian Glass House Museum on Saturday at 2pm for a fee of $5 per person payable by credit card only. Children ages 3 and under are free.


June 4 - The Living Wax Museum
Did you know that Walt Disney was afraid of mice? That's right! If you would like to learn more and be entertained at the same time, then come see a "Living Wax Museum".  The third graders from Mrs. Leidheisl-Balko's, Country Club Elementary School class will perform dressed as important American Historical Figures. Just tap them and they come to life right before your very eyes!

June 11 - Flag Day
Learn about the history of this great symbol of our country and learn how to how to follow proper flag etiquette. Make your very own flag to take home.

June 18- Father’s Day
Find out about the history behind this day celebrating Dad. Check out some of the tools that Dad’s would have used on the farm and make a wooden top to take home.

June 25 - Flower Power
Learn about flowers and pollination. Look up close at the anatomy of a flower and make a tissue paper flower to take home.

July 2 -CLOSED

July 9 - All About Oaks
Learn about this native California tree, see the large oaks living at Forest Home Farms and make a native American oak gall doll.

July 16 - Working for Water
Turn a handle and water pours out of the faucet. It wasn't so easy in the days gone by. Find out why as you pump water, learn how a windmill works, spot a water tank high above your head, and discover how heavy a bucket of water is. When it takes this much work, you won't want to waste a drop.

July 23 - Fun with Food
Mom always told you not to play with your food, but here on the farm you can! Paint with potatoes, apples, bell peppers and more and make a noodle necklace.

July 30 – Old fashioned Dolls and Toys
See some of the antique toys and dolls from the Forest Home Farms collection and make your own farm toy to take home.

August 6 – Compost Critters
Join us in the garden to find out about composting, how to do it at home and about the critters, like worms, that help us compost.

August 13 - Animal Tracks
Look what animals leave behind—tracks! See pictures of animal tracts that you may see at the farm and make an animal track print to take home.

August 20 – Victorian Lawn Games
Enjoy a leisurely day at the farm learning about and playing two favorite Victorian Games: lawn bowling and croquet.

August 27 - Keeping Cool
Learn how people kept their cool and how they stored their food before we had an air conditioner or refrigerator. Make your own fan to take home.

School Field Trips

GLASS HOUSE MUSEUMField trips can be booked Tuesday thru Friday
Call (925) 973-3284 to reserve your tour

Farm Life: This program for 3rd graders runs 3 hours and includes a tour of the property and Tractor Museum. Students also participate in 3 activity stations. One is “Grandma’s trunk and Grandpa’s Tool Box.” Here they get to see items that were used on the farm in the early 1900’s and try their hand at juicing, darning, drilling, and corn planting. Another station is “Canning and Food Preservation.” Children learn about the significance of canning during the Depression at Forest Home Farms. They get some fruit ready for canning and design their own label. The third station is the organic garden where students discover where their food comes from as they turn compost, explore the plantings, discover the role of bees in the garden, and taste fresh vegetables.

Victorian Life: The Glass House Museum is a restored 1877 Victorian Italianate style home located at Forest Home Farms Historic Park in San Ramon. The Victorian Life Education Program is designed for grades 2-5 and corresponds with the State of California History/Social Science curriculum. It is 1 1/2 hours and can be done on the same day as the Farm Life Program. The field trip includes a tour of the home and age appropriate hands-on activities conducted by trained, costumed docents. The focus of the program is to help the student develop a better understanding of daily life in a Victorian era farm house from the mid to late 1800’s through 1910 in the San Ramon Valley. Field trips are scheduled Tuesday-Friday and are available on a first come, first served, space available basis.

Group Programs----perfect for scouts and Birthday Parties

Fun with Farm Animals
For children’s groups of 10 or more, ages 5 and up. We have chickens and sheep! Learn what animals eat, how they are cleaned, sheep-herding, and more! We work with scout groups to fulfill badge requirements.

Dig in and Grow
For children’s groups of 10 or more, ages 5 and up. Come have an adventure in our organic garden! Learn about the principles of organic gardening, composting, recycling and the role of bees in the garden. This tour will include garden chores and fresh vegetable tastings, when available.

Preschool Fun at the Farm
For preschool groups of 10 or more, ages 3-5 and their chaperones. Come see the sheep, chickens, garden, tractors, and more! We’ll enjoy some hands-on activities and a craft. There’s lots of fun waiting for you at the farm!

Glass House Museum Victorian Life
For groups of 10 or more, ages 5-up. The program includes a tour of the home and age appropriate hands-on activities conducted by trained, costumed docents. Children will develop a better understanding of daily life in a Victorian era farm house from the mid to late 1800’s through 1910 in the San Ramon Valley.

All tours are $5 per participant, 45 minutes to one hour in length and include hand-on activities. Call (925) 973-3284 to reserve a group tour

Support Forest Home Farms Historic Park

The San Ramon Historic Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that raises funds for historic preservation.  Here is a link to their website.  www.srhf.org

Volunteer at Forest Home Farms and the Glass House Museum

Benefits of Volunteering at Forest Home Farms Historic Park

  • Meet others who share your interests in history, education and the San Ramon Valley
  • Work at San Ramon's only historic site-on the register of National Historic Places
  • Be of valuable service to the community, families and children
  • Assist with preserving our local heritage
  • Volunteer get-together's including parties and field trips
  • Have fun at the farm!

Click here for more information on volunteering

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Photo Courtesy of Jeff Klein