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The Architectural Review Board is charged with reviewing the design of improvements in relation to site layout, architectural design, height, bulk, mass, materials, colors, lighting, signage, landscaping, etc. The Architectural Review Board is a non-political board intended to provide professional analysis, review and input on proposed development applications to achieve the highest level of design standards and quality for the City of San Ramon.

The San Ramon Municipal Code, Division A5, Chapter III, Section 39 provides that the Architectural Review Board shall review the design of all improvements to be constructed to the extent permitted by law.  Such review is to be conducted with reference to the following criteria:

  1. General site utilization considerations;
  2. General architectural considerations;
    1. Height, bulk and area of buildings,
    2. Colors and types of building and installations,
    3. Physical and architectural relation with existing and proposed structures in the area and to the site's location within the city,
    4. Site layout, orientation and location of buildings and relationship with open areas and topography,
    5. Height, materials, colors, and variations in boundary walls, fences, or screen planting,
    6. Location and type of landscaping including but not limited to setback areas and the project off-street parking areas; and
    7. Appropriateness of sign design and exterior lighting.
  3. General landscape considerations;
  4. Graphics

Meeting Times:
2nd Thursday of the month - 2:00 PM
4th Thursday of the month - as needed
Permit Center - 2401 Crow Canyon Road
Community Conference Room

>>Click here for the most recent Architectural Review Board Meeting Agenda<<


Mar Gosiengfiao
Term Expires: February 2018
David Gates
Term Expires: February 2019
Warren Fujimura
Term Expires: February 2018
John Nicol - Alternate
Term Expires: February 2019
Judy Hemingway - Alternate
Term Expires: February 2018

Gary Alpert
Vicki Harris - Alternate

Cindy Yee
(925) 973-2562



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