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Building and Safety Services
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San Ramon LogoBuilding Inspection Scheduling and IVR


To Obtain Plan Review Status/Comments

Use the Automated Response System, Call (925) 973-2582

  • Press 4 from Main Menu

  • Enter Permit Number (6-Digit)

    • Permit number 15-9999 would be entered as 159999. The system will read back the permit number. If correct, press #.
  • Hear Site Address

  • Hear Plan Check Stops and Status

Press 5 to Receive a Fax with this Information
(Please enter your 10-Digit Fax Number.)
Press 1 to End this Call
Press 2 to Repeat these Results
Press 3 to Hear Results on a Different Application
Press 4 to Return to Main Menu
Press 9 to Repeat this Menu.  Top

  • Press # to end call or follow prompts to:

To Schedule an Inspection
To Cancel an Inspection
To Obtain Inspection Results
To Receive Fax on Demand



We provide efficient delivery of quality public services that are essential to those who live and work in San Ramon.
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