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Building and Safety Services
Police Department


San Ramon LogoBuilding Inspection Scheduling and IVR


To Obtain Plan Review Status/Comments

Use the Automated Response System, Call (925) 973-2582

  • Press 4 from Main Menu

  • Enter Permit Number (6-Digit)

    • Permit number 15-9999 would be entered as 159999. The system will read back the permit number. If correct, press #.
  • Hear Site Address

  • Hear Plan Check Stops and Status

Press 5 to Receive a Fax with this Information
(Please enter your 10-Digit Fax Number.)
Press 1 to End this Call
Press 2 to Repeat these Results
Press 3 to Hear Results on a Different Application
Press 4 to Return to Main Menu
Press 9 to Repeat this Menu.  Top

  • Press # to end call or follow prompts to:



We provide efficient delivery of quality public services that are essential to those who live and work in San Ramon.
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