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To assist and assure that the roofing contractor is able to maintain integrity of a re-roof project preformed between the time period of October 15 through April 15 of each calendar year, the procedure for inspection of the nailing of the roof sheathing will be as follows:

  • No tear-off inspection will be required during the above referenced time frame.

  • During the above listed time frame, the Roofing Contractor shall submit on company letterhead a statement that either the roof had no dryrot or water damage to be removed, or dryrot or water damage was observed and removed. The contractor shall also provide a hand drawn sketch of the roof of that particular house and identify the location where the dryrot or water damage was removed and replaced. The letter shall be signed and the name of the signer printed on the letter.

  • The contractor may proceed with installing the roof sheathing as per City of San Ramon requirements.

  • Felt paper may then be installed over roof sheathing to insure watertight integrity of the dwelling.

  • Additionally, ½ square of roofing material shall be installed. Upon completion, call for tearoff, nailing and in progress inspections.

  • At time of inspection request, the contractor letter verifying the condition of the existing framing and sheathing is required to be on site or delivered to the inspector. The roofing personnel shall pullback the felt paper in random areas as identified by the inspector. Should the roofing personnel not be on the site at the time of inspection, the inspector shall pull back the felt in enough areas (3 or 4) to be able to inspect for proper nailing of the roof sheathing materials.



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