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San Ramon LogoRoofing Requirements: Tear-Off


  • Once old roofing materials have been removed an inspection to verify the condition of the original roof sheathing is required. This inspection shall be prior to nailing in place any new sheathing over eves and overhangs.

    Inclement Weather Conditions policy
    for the time period of October 15 to April 15.

  • Installing plywood over space sheathing, stagger joints.

  • Plywood joints to fall on the framing members (rafters or trusses).

  • Spacing of 1/8" shall be maintained between plywood sheets.

  • Solid fill needed at horizontal joints.

  • Nailing of plywood sheathing shall be accomplished by using min. 8d (2.5") nails with spacing not to exceed 6 inches o.c. on the edges, and 12 inches o.c. in the field. 



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