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February 2010

1.  The City has announced the City Center project. What will the project include and where is it located?

The project is located on 40+ acres at the intersection of Bollinger Canyon Road and Camino Ramon. The site consists of four properties; the four properties are an 11.5 acre site just west of Central Park, a combined 9 acre site south of Bollinger and east of Camino Ramon, a 3.5 acre site just east of Chevron, to Camino Ramon, and the existing 14 acre Bishop Ranch 2 office complex. The project consists of three primary components: a major mixed use development on the 14 acre and 11.5 acre sites consisting of approximately 635,000 square feet of high quality retail,50,000 square feet of second floor retail or office space, a 169 room upscale hotel, and approximately 487 residential units; City Hall, Library and Transit Center on the 3.5 acres, and a 580,000 square foot Class A office complex on the 9 acre site.

2.  Is the City doing the project?

The San Ramon City Center project is a partnership between the City of San Ramon and Sunset Development Company. Because the City is a property owner, the City was a co-applicant in the development process. Sunset took the lead in designing the project and proceeding with the required standard Planning approval process. Sunset is responsible for the design and development of the mixed use component including the retail development and the office complex.   Sunset is coordinating the design for the City Hall and Library, but the City is responsible for the ultimate development and construction of the public facilities portion of the project.

3.  What stage is the project at?

The development of the City Center has been delayed due to the steep economic decline in both the housing and retail industry.  The project is fully approved and ready to move forward when economic conditions and the credit markets which supply funding for mixed use projects improve.

Planning and design for the project's infrastructure improvements are in progress. Work on infrastructure improvements will begin with installation of underground utilities on Bollinger Canyon Road in the summer of 2010. Additional infrastructure work will take place in 2011 or 2012 if funding is available at that time.

4.  Since this is a partnership between the City and Sunset Development, what is the City contributing to the   project? The previous Civic Center proposal by the City required the City to pay for the entire project. Who is paying for this project?

Sunset is responsible for the design and development of all components of the City Center mixed use project. This includes the retail, residential, hotel, and offices uses as well as public parking and certain public infrastructure. The total private investment for these uses is anticipated to be more than $750 million. The City’s role in the partnership is an exchange of assets. The City’s contribution is land and probably a portion of the new sales tax generated by the project. Though a partnership with the County and the Fire District, a portion of new property tax revenue generated by the project will be dedicated to the construction of the public facilities. The City will also receive the City Hall/Library/Transit Center site from Sunset. Sunset will be solely responsible for funding and developing the $750 Million private development. There will be No parcel tax, and No General Fund reserves contributed to the project.

5.  The previous CIVIC CENTER proposal included civic facilities? Will those public facilities be built?

The San Ramon City Center project includes a new City Hall, Council Chamber and public Library. In partnership with the San Ramon Valley Unified School district, the City provided funding for a new 600 seat Performing Arts theatre including a separate rehearsal space, and a new aquatics facility similar to the one at California High School. Both the theatre and aquatics facility opened  last fall at Dougherty Valley High School. A proposed Children’s Museum has relocated to a free site at Camp Parks in the City of Dublin and a fund raising campaign has begun to fund the cost of construction.

6.  Who do I contact if I am interested in leasing retail space at the City Center project?

Contact Sunset Development Company at (925) 866-0100.

7.  Where can I see the plans for San Ramon City Center?

The plans for City Center are available on the city’s website by clicking here.

8.  If I have specific questions about the San Ramon City Center project, whom do I call?

Call the City Manager at (925) 973-2530 or email citymanager@sanramon.ca.gov.


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