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Latest COVID-19 Updates

8/6 Update: 

Contra Costa County Health Services (CCHS) has recently updated the County's Mass Isolation Order; along with FAQ on Childcare, Schools and Activities (including Youth Sports); and released a Tip Sheet on Slowing the Spread of COVID-19.


Updated Mass Isolation Order

Contra Costa County Health Services recently updated the Mass Isolation Order as follows:

All individuals who are diagnosed with COVID-19 must immediately take the following actions:

  1. Isolate themselves in their home or another residence following all requirements listed in the “Self-Isolation Instructions for Confirmed Cases.”
  2. Tell their close contacts that they need to quarantine themselves, following the “Home Quarantine Instructions for Close Contacts.” Close contacts include anyone who was within 6 feet of the individual for 15 minutes or longer during the infectious period: 48 hours before symptoms began (or, in the absence of symptoms, 48 hours before the date of administration of a positive test), until the end of the isolation period.

The isolation period will be one of the following:

  • Individuals without symptoms must isolate for 10 days from the date of a positive test.
  • Individuals with symptoms must isolate until:
    • At least 24 hours have passed since recovery, defined as resolution of both fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and improvement of cough, shortness of breath, and other symptoms if present AND
    • At least 10 days have passed since their symptoms started.
  • Individuals with symptoms and hospitalized in the intensive care unit must isolate until:
    • At least 24 hours have passed since recovery, defined as resolution of both fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and improvement of cough, shortness of breath, and other symptoms if present AND
    • At least 20 days have passed since their symptoms started.

> Read the updated Mass Isolation Order

> Read Self-Isolation Instructions for Confirmed Cases

> Read Home Quarantine Instructions for Close Contacts


Guidelines for Youth Sports

The State of California has released new interim guidelines for youth sports, which are permitted in Contra Costa County under specific conditions.

According to the CCHS Health Order FAQs, “the more closely a person interacts with others and the longer that interaction, the higher the risk. People, including young people, can spread the virus without even knowing that they are sick. Because of this, the State of California has issued guidance for youth sports:

  • Everyone participating in youth sports must maintain 6 feet of social distance at all times. This means that traditional games are not allowed. For example, you cannot play a baseball game where the catcher and batter are within six feet of each other, or where the runner goes to first base and stands within 6 feet of the first baseman.
  • If a sport cannot be played maintaining 6 feet of distance at all times, participants are limited to running drills or conditioning exercises that do allow social distancing.
  • Gyms and fitness centers in Contra Costa County are not open, so all activities must take place outdoors.
  • Tournaments, events or competitions, regardless of whether teams are from the same or different schools, counties, or states are not permitted at this time.

If children engage in sports activities, the guidance for youth sports from the State must be followed.”

> View the full Interim Guidance on Youth Sports from the State of California

> Read the CCHS Health Order FAQ on Youth Sports (click on Updated Social Distancing Order > Children and Youth: Childcare, Schools and Activities > What are the guidelines for youth sports?)

Under Contra Costa County's Social Distancing Order, children may still only participate in one organized group at a time.

> Read the Social Distancing Order on Small Social Gatherings (Item 1)

> View all Current Health Orders


Tips for Slowing the Spread of COVID-19

CCHS has released a one-page tip sheet for protecting yourself, your family, and friends from COVID-19.

> View Tips for Slowing the Spread of COVID-19


COVID-19 Mayor's Breakfast: Friday, August 7 at 9 a.m.

This Friday, local leaders will share COVID-19 updates as part of the latest Virtual Mayor's Breakfast on YouTube, hosted by San Ramon Mayor Bill Clarkson. This week's guests include Ann Lucena, CEO of San Ramon Regional Medical Center; Dr. Patrick Joseph, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF; Contra Costa County Supervisor Candace Andersen; Captain Denton Carlson, San Ramon Police Department; and Steven Spedowfski, San Ramon Deputy City Manager.

> Learn more about Virtual Mayor's Breakfasts, including how to submit questions


Lap Swim Continues at Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center & San Ramon Olympic Pool by Reservation Only

The City of San Ramon continues to offer lap swimming at the Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center and the San Ramon Olympic Pool, with swim times available by reservation. The City will continue to work with Contra Costa County Health Services, monitor the program closely, and make modifications as necessary. For complete details regarding the schedule, reservation process, and safety procedures, visit the link below.

> View Lap Swimming Schedule, Reservation Process & Safety Procedures


Community Resources for San Ramon

The following information and resources are available at the City of San Ramon’s website, and are updated regularly:


Ways to Stay Informed


Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, NextDoor

General Questions: (925) 973-2500

General COVID-19 Help Line for San Ramon: (925) 570-1186

Senior Hotline (English): (925) 973-3250

Senior Voicemail Line (Mandarin): (925) 973-3277

Contra Costa County Help Line: 2-1-1



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