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September 13, 2011

A regular meeting of the City Council of the City of San Ramon was held September 13, 2011 at 7:05 p.m. in the City Council Chamber at City Hall, 2222 Camino Ramon, Mayor Wilson presiding.
PRESENT:  Councilmembers Hudson, Livingstone, Perkins, Rowley, and Mayor Wilson.
STAFF PRESENT:  City Manager Greg Rogers, City Attorney Sheryl Schaffner, Police Chief Scott Holder, Planning/Community Development Director Phil Wong, Administrative Services Director Eva Phelps, Finance Division Manager Candace Daniels, Interim Parks and Community Services Director Karen McNamara, and City Clerk Patricia Edwards.

* * * *


Town of Danville Mayor Karen Stepper led those present in the pledge of allegiance.

* * * *


The City Clerk noted that there were no changes or additions to the Agenda. The City Clerk noted that the September 15, 2011 Transportation Advisory Committee meeting will be held in the Community Conference Room, 2401 Crow Canyon Road.

* * * *


(#5.1) Recognizing City Read 2011 "Two Cities, One Tale" – September 19, 2011 - October 24, 2011.  Presented by Mayor Wilson to Town of Danville Mayor Karen Stepper, Danville Community Library Manager Seng Lovan, San Ramon Libraries’ Community Library Manager Kathy Middleton, San Ramon Library Youth Services Librarian Amy Mockoski, and Contra Costa County Librarian Barbara Flynn.

San Ramon Library Youth Services Librarian Amy Mockoski thanked the Council for their support of City Read.  She thanked the Library Foundations for providing the funding to purchase the books.  Free copies of the book will be available in libraries and various locations in San Ramon and Danville.  This year is the eighth year and features the book Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, by New York Times bestselling author, Jamie Ford.  Ms. Mockoski invited residents to attend the author’s presentation on October 27, 2011 at the Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center.  The presentation is free but reservations are required.  Danville Community Library Manager Seng Lovan noted that this is a literary and community event and thanked the Council for the opportunity to sponsor this event.  Mayor Wilson and Danville Vice Mayor Karen Stepper jointly read the proclamation and presented copies to Ms. Mockoski and Ms. Lovan.  Recognizing the change in technology and reading, Ms. Lovan stated that the book is available as an e-book or audio book through the library website.  She stated that the Spring 2012 “Kids Read” event is patterned after City Read and will feature author Kristi Yamaguchi.

(#5.2) Recognition of Left Coast Media Productions and Street Smarts for 2011 Telly Award for the Production of the “Street Smarts News” Assembly Video.  Presentation by Nat Rojanasathira, Street Smarts Coordinator, and Barbara Murray, Left Coast Media Productions Creative Director.

Nat Rojanasathira stated that the Street Smarts program is a partnership with Danville, San Ramon, Contra Costa County, and the School District.  A federal Safe Routes to School Grant enabled them to sustain and expand efforts to educate students about traffic safety.  The Street Smarts Program Advisory Committee authorized the development of a fifteen minute traffic safety video which will be shown at the 28 elementary schools.  He introduced Barbara Murray who wrote and directed the video.  Ms. Murray stated that the Telly Award recognizes excellence in broadcasting and video productions.  This year’s competition included 13,000 entries from 50 states.  Their video won second place in the educational and how to category.  Portions of the winning video were screened at the meeting.  Mayor Wilson congratulated Mr. Rojanasathira and Ms. Murray.

(#5.3) Proclamation Designating September 18-24, 2011 as Falls Prevention Awareness Week.  Presented to Rebecca Teames, Community Relations Coordinator with Visiting Angels, and Elaine Balke, Fall Prevention Program Assistant, by Mayor Wilson.

Mayor Wilson and Cm. Livingstone presented the proclamation to Andrew Lowe who represented the Falls Prevention Coalition.  Mr. Lowe stated that falls are physically one of the biggest dangers faced by seniors.  He thanked the Council for the proclamation.

(#5.4) Introduction of Vance Phillips as the new Chief Building Official by Planning/Community Development Director Phil Wong.

Planning/Community Development Director Phil Wong stated the importance of the Chief Building Official position for the City.  He introduced Vance Phillips and summarized his professional experience.  Mayor Wilson welcomed Mr. Phillips to the City and presented him with a City pin.  Mr. Phillips stated that he is honored to have been chosen for the position and is excited to be working in San Ramon.

(#5.5) Presentation - Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2010.  Presented to Administrative Services Director Eva Phelps and Finance Division Manager Candace Daniels by Mayor Wilson.

Mayor Wilson presented the plaque to Administrative Services Director Eva Phelps and Finance Division Manager Candace Daniels.  This is the seventh consecutive year that San Ramon has received this recognition.  He stated that this recognition is proof of the City’s financial stability and recognized staff for their contributions.

(#5.6) Recognition of Recreation Technician Brian Littrell and Office Technician Stacy Munsell as Employees of the Month for September 2011.  Presentation by Mayor Wilson.

Interim Parks and Community Services Director Karen McNamara stated that Brian Littrell and Stacy Munsell responded to a senior participant who was unresponsive and required emergency attention.  She commended them for being brave and patient and working together until the paramedics arrived.  Mayor Wilson stated that their actions demonstrate the quality of San Ramon’s employees.  He presented a certificate and gold star to each of them.  Mr. Littrell thanked the Department for the nomination and the Council for the recognition.  Ms. Munsell stated that she was happy to step forward in this crisis situation and that there is a great family at the San Ramon Senior Center. 

* * * *


* * * *


(#7.1) Minutes of the August 23, 2011 regular meeting.

Vice Mayor Perkins requested a correction to the August 23, 2011 regular City Council meeting minutes.  He asked that the motion on item 10.3 (Resolution No. 2011-094) be corrected to state that “Vice Mayor Perkins’ motion to approve Resolution No. 2011-094 was seconded by Cm. Hudson and passed 5-0”. 

Cm. Hudson’s motion to adopt the August 23, 2011 regular City Council minutes as corrected was seconded by Vice Mayor Perkins and passed 5-0. 

* * * *


(#8.1) Minute Order No. 2011-19 – Accepting the Work by Pureplay for the Aquatic Center  Slide Gel Coating - Part of the San Ramon Olympic Pool Equipment Replacement (CIP 5479) as Complete and Authorizing the City Clerk to File a Notice of Completion for the Contractor with the County Recorder's Office.

(#8.2) Minute Order No. 2011-20 – Accepting the Work by Maxicrete for the Construction of Forest Home Farms – Parking Lot Drainage Improvement as part of the Forest Home Farms – Building 14 (CIP 5502) and Forest Home Farms – Pavement Rehabilitation (CIP 5505) Projects as Complete and Authorizing the City Clerk to File a Notice of Completion with the County Recorder's Office.

(#8.3) Resolution No. 2011-095 – Authorizing the Mayor to Execute Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement with Azari Engineering, Inc. for Engineering Services for the Annual Pavement Management Programs (CIPs 5470, 5489, and 5509) and for the Parking Lot Pavement Maintenance Projects (CIPs 5438 and 5505) for a Period between October 15, 2010 and December 31, 2013 in an Amount Not to Exceed $450,000.

Cm. Hudson’s motion to adopt item 8.1 through 8.3 was seconded by Cm. Livingstone and passed 5-0.

* * * *


* * * *


(#10.1) Public Hearing:  Resolution No. 2011-096 – Authorizing the Expenditure of Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Funding for the Community and Youth Resource Officer.

Police Chief Scott Holder presented the report.  The City Council has approved the use of the Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Fund (SLESF) grant money to provide for a Community and Youth Resource Officer position since 1997.   He stated that this year’s award is expected to be $100,000 which will be used to offset the costs of the Program.

Mayor Wilson asked what the funds will provide.  Chief Holder responded that the Youth Resource Officer investigates juvenile crimes, provides school meetings, and education programs primarily for junior and senior high school students.  Cm. Rowley noted that this is a wonderful program for the community and makes a positive difference for San Ramon’s youth.

Mayor Wilson opened the public hearing.  There were no requests to address this item.  Mayor Wilson closed the public hearing. 

Cm. Hudson asked if the State was actually going to fund this program.  Chief Holder replied that the funds are provided in the State’s budget.  Cm. Hudson’s motion to adopt Resolution No. 2011-096 was seconded by Cm. Livingstone and passed 5-0.  

* * * *


* * * *


Steven Liao, representing San Ramon Presbyterian Church, invited residents to participate in the Ninth Annual Building Bridges Program on October 22, 2011.  Last year, 300 people participated in this event which is designed to serve the elderly, single parent families, wheel chair bound individuals, and military families in the community.  He invited the community to send project recommendations to the Church at info@srpc.org.  Mr. Liao thanked the corporate sponsors: Home Depot, Chevron, PG&E, and Waste Management for their participation.  Mr. Liao described the Memorial Walk Project which is a special project for Camp Parks.  This Project will commemorate major U.S. military engagements and provide a place of rest and reflection.  Building Bridges will start the Project by breaking ground, laying irrigation and power and planting donated trees.  Mayor Wilson encouraged everyone to participate.

* * * *


Cm. Hudson stated that he will be attending the Central Contra Costa Transit Authority (CCCTA) and Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Board meetings on September 15, 2011.  ABAG is scheduled to release the new Regional Housing Needs Assessment numbers at their meeting.  He said that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission is proposing an unfunded mandate to require 20% or better fare box recovery.  He stated that CCCTA is at 16%.  In order to achieve 20%, it would be necessary to increase fare prices and decrease the number of routes.  Cm. Rowley noted that people have voiced concerns that many buses are almost empty.  She suggested that CCCTA utilize smaller buses.  Cm. Hudson stated that the current buses were selected for efficiency, maintenance, and longevity.  He recognized that Bishop Ranch highly subsidizes bus routes.

Cm. Rowley complimented staff on the very successful and well attended Emergency Preparedness Fair which was held on September 10, 2011.  She stated that the Pavement Management Project at Forest Home Farms brightens the Farm and enables the water to drain more efficiently.  She complimented the San Ramon Historic Foundation for an outstanding Victorian Tea event on September 11, 2011.

* * * *


Mayor Wilson concurred that the Emergency Preparedness Fair was an exceptional event.  He reminded residents that schools are in session and urged them drive carefully and slow down near schools.  He emphasized that the City is not negotiating with Wal Mart and rumors to that effect are false.  He reported that this year’s 9-11 Commemoration was outstanding with over 300 scouts in attendance.  He encouraged residents to patronize the Farmers Markets.  He reminded residents to register to vote for the November Municipal election.

* * * *


(#14.1) Pursuant to Government Code § 54956.9(b) Conference with Legal Counsel – Anticipated Litigation: Two cases.

(#14.2) Pursuant to Government Code § 54956.9(b) Conference with Legal Counsel – Anticipated Litigation: One case.

(#14.3) Pursuant to Government Code § 54957 to Evaluate the Position of City Manager.

The City Clerk stated that there were two requests to address item 14.1.

Angela Osayande, Field Representative for SEIU Local 1021, reported that the SEIU Local 1021 and the City are at a standstill in their negotiations.  She stated that they met to work out two outstanding issues concerning imposition and scheduling.  SEIU wrote a letter to Liebert Cassidy Whitmore in an effort to settle these two issues.  An option for scheduling which is more equitable and meets the City’s scheduling needs was proposed.  She added that there are several items on which both the Union and the City agree.  She feels that the Union and the City are close to reaching an agreement and finalizing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  She enumerated the remaining outstanding items.  She requested that the Council accept the scheduling language proposed by SEIU.  She believes that this language would enable management to serve the public and is responsive to employee needs.     

Linda Joseph, Field Director for SEIU Local 1021, thanked the Council for the time to address this issue.  She stated that the goal is to secure a collectively bargained MOU so that the employees do not have to work under an imposed contract.  She encouraged the Council to urge the City team to meet to resolve the remaining issues.  She thanked the Council for their time and consideration.

At 8:20 p.m., the Council met in Closed Session to address the Closed Session items.  All Councilmembers were in attendance.

At 10:39 p.m., Mayor Wilson reconvened the meeting.  All Councilmembers were in attendance.   Mayor Wilson reported that the Council did not take action on items 14.1 and 14.2.  He reported that the Council deferred action on item 14.3.

* * * *

At 10:41 p.m., there being no further business, Mayor Wilson adjourned the meeting.

H. Abram Wilson, Mayor
Patricia Edwards, City Clerk

Approved as presented at the September 27, 2011 City Council meeting 5-0.

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