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December 13, 2011

A regular meeting of the City Council of the City of San Ramon was held December 13, 2011 at 7:01 p.m. in the City Council Chamber at City Hall, 2222 Camino Ramon, Mayor Clarkson presiding. 
PRESENT:  Councilmembers Hudson, Livingstone, O’Loane, Perkins, and Mayor Clarkson.
STAFF PRESENT:  City Manager Greg Rogers, City Attorney City Attorney Sheryl Schaffner, Police Chief Scott Holder, Recreation Coordinator Steve Cox, Administrative Services Director Eva Phelps, Division Manager Esther Lucas, Program Manager David Krueger, and City Clerk Patricia Edwards.

* * * *


Cm. O’Loane led those present in the pledge of allegiance. 

* * * *


Mayor Clarkson thanked residents for attending the Council meeting.  He stated that there were no changes or additions to the agenda and that there were no changes or corrections to the meetings listed on the agenda. 

* * * *


(#4.1) Special Presentation:  Recognition of the City of San Ramon Special Olympic Athletes and Coaches for their Accomplishments at the Northern California Regional Golf Tournament and Bowling Tournament.  Introduction by Steve Cox, Recreation Coordinator.

Recreation Coordinator Steve Cox reported that the San Ramon Parks and Community Services Department, in coordination with the Northern California Special Olympics, trained athletes in two sports and sent teams to the Northern California regional competitions.  He thanked Thom Sharki, the team coach, for his dedication.  Coach Sharki stated that San Ramon should be proud of its athletes.  San Ramon sent three athletes to the Northern California Special Olympics Regional Golf tournament on August 29, 2011.  Two athletes received gold medals and one received silver.  The San Ramon Special Olympic Bowlers participated in the Northern California Special Olympics Bowling Tournament on November 12, 2011.  Eleven bowlers attended the event capturing seven gold, two silver, and two bronze medals.  Certificates were presented to the Special Olympics golf and bowling athletes recognizing their outstanding performance.

(#4.2) Introduction of Richard Maria as the new Information Technology Division Manager by Administrative Services Director Eva Phelps.

Administrative Services Director Eva Phelps introduced Richard Maria, the City’s new Information Technology Division Manager.  Mr. Maria stated that he is excited to be working for San Ramon.  Mayor Clarkson presented Mr. Maria with a City pin.

(#4.3) Recognition of Communications and Public Affairs Director Cheryl Mitchell Wade on her Retirement.  Presentation by Mayor Clarkson.

Mayor Clarkson presented Communications and Public Affairs Director Cheryl Mitchell Wade with a proclamation recognizing her service to the City.  Ms. Wade was accompanied by her son, Carrison.  Ms. Wade congratulated Mayor Clarkson and Cm. O’Loane on their election.  She stated that there is no greater profession than that of public service.  She stated that she has enjoyed working in San Ramon and acknowledged the dedication and commitment of City staff.  She wished the City Manager and the Council success in the challenges ahead.

* * * *


Jim Blickenstaff, resident, stated that the City needs to address the issue of the Norris Canyon HOV Project with the Contra Costa County Transportation Authority (CCTA) and Cal Trans.  He believes that this project will turn a neighborhood road into a major artery.  He asked the Council to agendize this item so that residents will have the opportunity to voice their opinions.  He requested that the City take a more proactive approach and engage residents.  He does not support this project for San Ramon.

Roz Rogoff, resident, stated that “A is for Agenda” and that she views the process for getting items on the Council agenda as a mystery.  She requested that the process be more open and identified.  If a request is forwarded to the City’s Policy Committee, she asked that the initiators be informed of the meeting date.

Jim Gibbon, resident and representative of San Ramon for Open Government, stated that he had previously brought up the issue of the disposition of the Mudd’s restaurant.  He stated that he is working to have the property identified as a historic landmark so that it will be preserved.  He asked the City Manager to arrange a tour of the property on January 7 or 14, 2012 so that experts can assess its condition and viability.  

Dominique Yancey, Parks and Community Services Commissioner, reported that the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee is requesting additional publicity and marketing for the Senior Center.  She requested that Council meetings be held at various City locations in order to promote City facilities.  She encouraged residents to attend the Open Space Task Force meetings on the second Monday in the Council Chamber at 5:30 p.m.  There is a meeting on December 13, 2011 to view the renovation plans for an inclusive park design at Athan Downs which will address the needs of all children.  Interested residents can contact Parks Director Karen McNamara for information on future meetings.

* * * *


(#6.1) Announcement of Parks and Community Services Commission Appointment.

Mayor Clarkson announced that the Council selected Heidi Kenniston-Lee to serve on the Parks and Community Services Commission for a term expiring in June 2014.

* * * *


(#7.1) Minutes of the December 5, 2011 special meeting.

Vice Mayor Perkins’ motion to adopt the December 5, 2011 special City Council minutes was seconded by Cm. Livingstone and passed 5-0. 

* * * *


(#8.1) Register of Demands as presented by the City Treasurer (Period ending November 30, 2011).

(#8.2) Resolution No. 2011-119 – Authorizing the Mayor to Execute an Agreement with Rosas Brothers Construction for the Construction of the 2012 and 2013 Annual Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Repair Projects (CIP 5493 and 5511) and for Miscellaneous Concrete Repair Work for the Period Between January 2012 and December 2013 in an Amount Not to Exceed $275,000.

(#8.3) Resolution No. 2011-120 – Authorizing the Mayor to Execute Amendment
No. 2 Approving a Supplemental Appropriation to the Agreement with Jordan & Associates for Federal Legislative Services in an Amount Not to Exceed $10,000 for a Total Annual Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Amount Not to Exceed $20,000.

Cm. Hudson’s motion to adopt item 8.1 through 8.3 was seconded by Cm. Livingstoneand passed 5-0.

* * * *


* * * *


(#10.1) Senior Advisory Committee Annual Report.

Division Manager Esther Lucas introduced Joan Ernst, Chairperson of the Senior Advisory Committee (SAC) who provided the report.  Mrs. Ernst reviewed the SAC’s 2010-11 Goals and 2010-11 Accomplishments and presented an overview of the 2011-12 Goals.  Vice Mayor Perkins asked if the SAC has provided outreach to the new Valley Vista residents.  Program Manager Teri Mountford has communicated with Valley Vista regarding coordinating programs.  Mayor Clarkson asked what the City can do to help improve communications.  Mrs. Ernst replied that the Council can inform the community that the Senior Center exists and provides a variety of valuable programs. 

(#10.2) Resolution No. 2011-121 – Authorizing the Mayor to Execute an Agreement with Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD) for Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility Services for San Ramon Residents and Small Quantity Commercial Generators Located Outside of the CCCSD Service Area and to Terminate the Existing Agreement with CCCSD for these Services.

Program Manager David Krueger provided the report.  Adoption of Resolution No. 2011-121 will result in an estimated reduction of $40,000 per year from the existing Agreement with the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District.  The savings would be used to partially fund the curbside Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection program.  Vice Mayor Perkins noted that the HHW curbside pick-up program has been very successful.  Cm. O’Loane questioned why the new agreement would be retroactive to July 1, 2011.  Mr. Krueger stated that the price is driven by volume and the fee is based on how many people use the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility in Martinez.  Cm. O’Loane requested that staff evaluate the cost savings using a longer use period.

Cm. Hudson’s motion to adopt Resolution No. 2012-121 was seconded by Vice Mayor Perkins and passed 5-0. 

(#10.3) Election of the Mayor Pro Tempore for the City of San Ramon.

City Clerk Patricia Edwards requested that the City Council elect a Mayor Pro Tempore per the City’s Municipal Code.  Vice Mayor Perkins’ motion to appoint Cm. Livingstone as the new Mayor Pro Tem for 2011-12 was seconded by Cm. Hudson and passed 5-0. 

(#10.4A) Resolution No. 2011-122 – Approving the 2012 City Council Liaison Appointments to the City Committees, City Foundations, City Liaisons, Council Committees, Regional Committees, Other Agencies, and Ex-Officio Assignments.

(#10.4B) Resolution No. 2011-123 – Approving the 2012 City Council Appointments to the Central Contra Costa Transit Authority.

(#10.4C) Resolution No. 2011-124 – Approving the 2012 City Council Appointments to the Southwest Area Transportation Committee.

(#10.4D) Resolution No. 2011-125– Approving the 2012 City Council Appointments to the Tri-Valley Transportation Council.

City Clerk Patricia Edwards provided the staff report.  The Council discussed the appointments.  Cm. Hudson clarified that the Chair of the Policy Committee serves on the Open Space Task Force.  The Policy Committee assignments were changed to reflect Cm. O’Loane as the Chair and Cm. Hudson as the Vice Chair.  Mayor Clarkson will serve as the alternate for TRAFFIX.  Cm. Perkins volunteered to be the primary for the Street Smarts assignment.  Cm. Livingstone will continue as the alternate.  Cm. Hudson noted that the Southwest Area Transportation Committee (SWAT) makes the appointment to the Contra Costa County Transportation Authority (CCTA).  Cm. O’Loane asked for clarification on the representatives to the Central Contra Costa Transit Authority (CCCTA), SWAT, and CCTA.  Cm. Hudson provided the information.  Mayor Clarkson requested that the Liaison Appointment list be divided into two categories to clarify the quorum positions versus liaison positions. 

Cm. Perkins’ motion to adopt Resolution No. 2012-122 as amended and Resolution Nos. 2012-123, 124, and 125 was seconded by Vice Mayor Livingstone and passed 5-0.  Cm. Hudson stated it is helpful for one person to be on both CCTA and CCCTA because CCTA has to do with funding and grants for CCCTA. 

* * * *


(#11.1) Rescheduling or Cancelling the December 27, 2011 City Council Meeting.

City Manager Greg Rogers requested Council direction regarding the December 27, 2011 City Council Meeting.  There are no items which require Council action.  City staff will be on an unpaid furlough from December 23, 2011 through January 2, 2012.  The Council agreed that the next Council meeting will be on January 10, 2012.

* * * *


Donna Kerger, resident and San Ramon Historic Foundation Board member, informed the Council that the December 3 and December 10, 2011 Holiday on the Farm events were very successful.  She commended the City for partnering with the Foundation and thanked the Council for the Foundation’s opportunity to serve the City.

Jim Gibbon, resident, asked who will be the Council liaison for the Norris Canyon HOV Project.  Mayor Clarkson responded that Cm. Hudson will be the contact person.

* * * *


Cm. Hudson stated that Danville Councilmember Karen Stepper is San Ramon’s representative to CCTA.  He added that the Norris Canyon HOV Project is in the environmental time frame.  He reviewed the history of the Project which is designed to improve I 680 corridor mobility and congestion management.

Cm. Perkins noted that the Police Officer Butler and his dog have retired.  Although the City has a program to fund the purchase of a new dog, he asked residents who are interested in contributing to this fund to contact Police Chief Holder.

Vice Mayor Livingstone noted that the construction of the Fostoria Overpass was initially considered to be a bad idea.  He remarked that the Norris Canyon HOV Project will serve the Bishop Ranch carpool traffic.  He does not anticipate that traffic will utilize streets on the west side of the City.  He believes that the HOV lane will get traffic off Crow Canyon and Bollinger Canyon.  He wished everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Mayor Clarkson emphasized the importance of communication and his desire to increase conversations between residents and the Council.  He noted that the Council will participate in a Goal Setting Workshop in January.

* * * *


* * * *


Cm. Perkins’ motion to adjourn the meeting was seconded by Vice Mayor Livingstone and passed 5-0.  At 8:31 p.m., Mayor Clarkson adjourned the meeting.

Bill Clarkson, Mayor
Patricia Edwards, City Clerk

Approved as presented at the January 10, 2012 City Council meeting 4-0; Perkins absent.

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