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January 24, 2012

A regular meeting of the City Council of the City of San Ramon was held January 24, 2012 at 7:38 p.m. in the City Council Chamber at City Hall, 2222 Camino Ramon, Mayor Clarkson presiding. 
PRESENT:  Councilmembers Hudson, Livingstone, O’Loane, Perkins, and Mayor Clarkson.
STAFF PRESENT:  City Manager Greg Rogers, City Attorney City Attorney Sheryl Schaffner, Police Lieutenant Liz Gresham, Emergency Preparedness Manager Raymond Riordan, Division Manager Esther Lucas, Planning Division Manager Debbie Chamberlain, Senior Planner Lauren Barr, and City Clerk Patricia Edwards.

* * * *


Vice Mayor Livingstone led those present in the pledge of allegiance. 

* * * *


The City Clerk stated that staff requested that Item 10.2 be presented before item 10.1.  Cm. Hudson’s motion to switch the order of item 10.1 and 10.2 was seconded by Vice Mayor Livingstone and passed 5-0.  The Council concurred with this change.  The City Clerk noted that there were no changes or corrections to the meetings listed on the agenda. 

* * * *


(#4.1) Introduction of Gail Murray, BART Director for District 1 (San Ramon).

Gail Murray, BART Director for District 1 which includes San Ramon introduced herself and staff member June Garrett, External Affairs for Contra Costa County.  Ms. Murray provided an update on the state of the BART system including route extensions, plans to purchase 775 new cars, e-BART, earthquake safety retrofits, and capital projects.  She invited residents to tour the maintenance facility on February 7, 2012 or March 23, 2012.  Cm. Perkins thanked her for attending the Council meeting.  They discussed the plans for the Livermore BART extension, how BART will pay for their new cars, and whether Santa Clara and San Mateo may join the BART district.  Cm. Hudson discussed the design of the new cars.  Ms. Murray stated that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission projects a daily BART ridership of 500,000 people per day. 

(#4.2) Recognition of the 2011 “Building Bridges” Sponsors:  Chevron, Home Depot, PG&E, and Waste Management.  Introduction by Steven Liao.  Comments by Camp Parks Commander Lieutenant Colonel David James.  Presented by Mayor Clarkson.

Building Bridges Program Coordinator Steven Liao thanked the Council for supporting this community based event which has been held for nine years.  He showed a pictorial summary of the 2011 event which included 400 volunteers who worked at 35 sites.  Camp Parks Commander Lieutenant Colonel James thanked the Building Bridges volunteers for the work they did on the bike rodeo, Memorial Walk, and the holiday dinner.  Mr. Liao recognized volunteers Mike Mann and Steve Vesperman.  Mr. Liao and Mayor Clarkson recognized the event sponsors: Laura Arkell from Home Depot, Roxanne Cruz from PG&E, Marian Catedral from Chevron, and Kathleen Minser from Waste Management.  They were acknowledged for their contributions and presented with a plaque and a certificate of recognition.  The sponsors reiterated their commitment to this event and are proud to be able to support it and contribute to the community.

(#4.3) Proclamation Declaring February 2012 as American Heart Month.  Presented to Andy Swartzell, Fire District Captain, and Rebecca Fontaine, American Heart Association Trainer, by Mayor Clarkson.

Emergency Preparedness Manager Raymond Riordan stated that the City is recognizing February 2012 as American Heart Month in conjunction with the American Heart Association.  Fire District Captain Andy Swartzell thanked the Council for their support.  He described the importance of the Heart Safe Community which is a subcommittee of the Citizen Corps Council.  Last year, more than 2,500 people were trained in hands only CPR and AEDS.  They also trained 265 elementary school teachers.  American Heart Association representative Terry Sue Mock and Chevron’s Marian Catedral announced plans to provide CPR training in Sacramento on February 2, 2012 for Capitol staff.  Mayor Clarkson read the proclamation.  He thanked those present for their contributions.  He added that the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District was instrumental in developing an i-phone application.  In the event of a heart attack, those trained in CPR are alerted.  The ability to quickly respond quickly to a heart attack dramatically improves the survival rate.

* * * *


Donna Kerger, resident, stated that the CERT training is great.  She encouraged citizens to take advantage of this program.  She invited residents to attend the San Ramon Historic Foundation’s Crab Feed on February 28, 2012.  She requested that the Council consider an alternate plan for the Fourth of July instead of utilizing reserves for this event.  She suggested that the Council think about a long range solution.

* * * *


(#6.1) Library Advisory Committee Appointment.

Division Manager Esther Lucas provided the report.  Cm. Hudson’s motion to appoint Sherry Rosso to serve as an Alternate on the Library Advisory Committee with a term to expire January 2014 was seconded by Cm. Perkins and passed 5-0. 

* * * *


(#7.1) Minutes of the January 10, 2012 regular meeting.

Cm. Hudson’s motion to adopt the January 10, 2012 regular City Council minutes as amended was seconded by Vice Mayor Livingstone and passed 4-0-0-1.  Cm. Perkins abstained.

* * * *


(#8.1) Register of Demands as presented by the City Treasurer (Period ending December 31, 2011).

(#8.2) City of San Ramon Quarterly Investment Report (Period Ending December 31, 2011).

(#8.3) Resolution No. 2012-005 – Accepting Certain Trail and Storm Drain Dedications and Improvements in RA 1177 for Maintenance (Windemere BLC, Land Development Company, LLC).

(#8.4) Resolution No. 2012-006 – Accepting Certain Trail Dedications and Improvements in RA 1178 for Maintenance (Windemere BLC, Land Development Company, LLC).

(#8.5) Resolution No. 2012-007 – Authorizing the Mayor to Execute an Amendment to the Agreement with FloraTech Landscape Management, Inc. for Turf Mowing Services Extending the Terms and Conditions for an Additional Three Years in an Initial Annual Agreement Amount Not to Exceed $352,000 and a Total Three-Year Amount Not to Exceed $1,250,000.

(#8.6) Resolution No. 2012-008 – Authorizing the Mayor to Execute an Amendment to the Agreement with White Oak Landscape, Inc. for Turf Mowing Services Extending the Terms and Conditions for an Additional Three Years in an Initial Annual Agreement Amount Not to Exceed $382,000 and a Total Three-Year Amount Not to Exceed $1,360,000.

Vice Mayor Livingstone’s motion to adopt items 8.1 through 8.6 was seconded by Cm. Hudson and passed 5-0. 

* * * *


* * * *


(#10.2) Presentation of Land Use Scenario Alternatives for the One Bay Area Plan by Martin Engelmann, Deputy Executive Director, Planning at Contra Costa Transportation Authority.

Planning Division Manager Debbie Chamberlain introduced the item.  Contra Costa Transportation Authority Deputy Executive Director Martin Engelmann provided an update to Plan Bay Area, the 2013 regional transportation plan. The Air Resources Board established per capita reduction targets for passenger vehicles and light duty trucks relative to a 2005 baseline.  The Bay Area’s target for 2020 is a 7% reduction.  This is the equivalent of removing 58 tons of green house gases.  The Bay Area’s target for 2035 is a 15% reduction.  Five Sustainable Community Strategy Scenarios have been developed and analyzed.  Each Scenario has a related transportation and regional growth plan.  He described: the Scenario Details and the Test Target Results; San Ramon’s Priority Development Areas (PDA); Two Transportation Networks; and the difference between financially constrained and unconstrained options.  He provided three key summaries: (1) performance varies only slightly across Scenarios because the Bay Area is essentially a built environment and changes due to land use and transportation are on the margin; and (2) transportation policy is critical to building complete communities: the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) will likely need to assess further land use, transportation related, and other policy measures to meet the Green House Gases (GHG) and other targets.  He stated that additional information is available at:  www.ccta.net

Cm. Hudson stated that the objectives of AB 32 and SB 375 are to reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emission levels to 1990 level.  He noted that the 2020 reduction level is attainable but that the 2035 reduction levels will be more difficult to realize.  Mr. Englemann stated that MTC and ABAG are looking at ways to make the Bay region more livable and to have more mixed use development.   He noted that attaining cities with PDAs will entitle cities to funding. 

Mayor Clarkson opened public comment.

Jim Gibbon, resident, stated that he attended the January 23, 2012 ABAG/MTC meeting.  He believes that the other solutions should be investigated.  He suggested that the $ .25 billion which will be spent putting off ramps on I 680 could be better spent on an eBART (light rail) system for I 680.  Getting people out of their cars is the solution for the I 680 traffic congestion.  He requested that the Council support light rail on I 680.

Sherry Rosso, resident, asked if the Contra Costa County Transportation Authority (CCTA) has studied the impact of using school buses on a much larger scale on the Plan Bay Area scenarios.

Cm. O’Loane asked which communities are the most sustainable.  Mr. Englemann stated that communities which do it better are those which utilize mass transit and have a much lower automobile ownership.  Cities in Europe do a better job because they use mass transit, walking, or bicycling and rely much less on individual automobile use. 

Mayor Clarkson noted that no Council action is needed for this item.

(#10.1) Presentation on the North Camino Ramon Specific Plan.

Staff Report by Lauren Barr, Senior Planner Lauren Barr provided an overview of the Plan.  The North Camino Ramon Specific Plan (NCRSP) is a long range (20 year) land use plan.  The Plan is flexible and utilizes smart growth concepts.  One major component of the NCRSP is commercial infill. It will feature a mixed use core and is connected to the Iron Horse Trail and surrounding community.  The NCRSP fundamentally responds to General Plan Policies and proactively addresses state mandates.  It provides a variety of housing opportunities in proximity to the City’s employment base and local services.  Planning for efficient growth improves traffic, pedestrian, and bicycle circulation. Creating a mix of land uses and opportunities will strengthen the City’s financial base and support local services.  Since 2008, Project outreach has included 24 workshops, study sessions, committee meetings, service groups, and community presentations.  The Draft Environmental Review (EIR) will be released in February.  Both the City Council and Planning Commission will hold Public Hearings on the Plan later this spring.

Mayor Clarkson opened public comment.

Jim Gibbon, representing San Ramon for Open Government, stated that the NCRSP is not a sustainable design or smart growth.  Sustainable design begins with what you have and how you can improve it rather than tearing down what exists.  He believes that the developers and land owners should approach the City with their ideas in their own time.  The developers who own a majority of the land will present plans that make sense and that the City should let the private market act upon what has already been done.

Cm. Hudson stated that ABAG has designated what a sustainable community strategy should be and what a transit livable community should be.  The NCRSP is a strategy for a walking, biking, transit, living community.  The property owners will be the ones who determine how this will be done.  He noted that a Specific Plan is needed in order to obtain the Priority Development Area (PDA) designation. 

Cm. O’Loane suggested that it would be helpful to have land use overlays which illustrate what currently exists versus what is planned.  He asked who the large land owners are and stated that the City can’t ignore large tenants who do not wish to move.  Mr. Barr stated that not all of the properties are ready to develop.  The NCRSP is a long term plan which allows phasing and implementation for development potential.  It is a coordination vision of how the City thinks about this area and what opportunities exist.

Vice Mayor Livingstone stated that the City has gone overboard to involve the public in this planning process.  He noted that the City is merely laying out a Plan and that property owners will control the development.  Cm. Hudson noted that changing the configuration of housing in the NCRSP changes the jobs to housing balance from the current 1.24:1 ratio to a 1.05:1 ratio.    

Mayor Clarkson asked if this area is in a Redevelopment Project Area and what impact the demise of Redevelopment may have.  Mr. Barr responded that the northern portion of the Project area will be in the Redevelopment Plan Area until February 1, 2012.  Redevelopment funding would only have applied to those properties in the Redevelopment area.  Staff is looking at grant opportunities if the PDA designation is achieved.  Mayor Clarkson asked if the Norris Canyon HOV by pass will influence the look of the NCRSP.  Mr. Barr stated that it will not impact the look of the Project but that the Norris Canyon HOV will benefit the Project area.  It is anticipated that a Transit Center may be relocated into the Plan area when the demand dictated the need and the service provider can garage the service in the Plan area.

Mayor Clarkson noted that no Council action is needed for this item.

* * * *


City Manager Rogers reminded Mayor Clarkson and Cm. O’Loane to report on the League of California Cities’ New Mayor and Council Members Academy.

* * * *


Jim Gibbon, representing San Ramon for Open Government, discussed the City’s state certified Housing Element.  He asked if the City was required to provide proof that it is complying with state regulations for low and moderate housing in order to receive funding.  He stated that the St. James Place project should have 20% low to moderate income housing according to the Housing Element.  He noted that the project will actually provide 10% low to moderate housing and in lieu fees.  He asked if the City was

actually going to provide affordable housing or if it was going to ignore the Housing Element.  The City will not reach its affordable housing numbers if the City continues to accept trade-offs.  He asked what the City policy will be.

* * * *


Cm. Hudson stated that the City’s policy is 15% affordable housing.  The City allows developers to use the in lieu option.  He stated that the City does fulfill its affordable housing obligation.  He noted that San Ramon has the sixth largest Regional Housing Needs Assessment for affordable housing in the 101 cities in the Bay Area.  He commended Jim Collins from San Ramon Golf Club for receiving an award recognizing his Youth Academy Program as one of the top fifty youth programs in the U.S.  He added that the reason for eliminating wood smoke on Spare the Air days is that wood smoke contains hazardous compounds similar to those in second hand smoke.

Cm. O’Loane reported that Mayor Clarkson, City Manager Rogers, and he attended the League of California Cities’ New Mayor and Council Members Academy.  He remarked that the sessions were very useful and that it was an interesting opportunity to discuss with fellow councilmembers the stresses which they were experiencing.

Mayor Clarkson concurred that the Academy provided important and useful information and was an opportunity to become familiar with new laws.  He recommended the Academy to experienced councilmembers.  He thanked the City Manager for taking the time to attend the Academy.

* * * *


(#14.1) Pursuant to Government Code § 54956.8 – For City Council to meet with its Real Property Negotiators Karen McNamara and Greg Rogers Regarding a Portion of APN: 222-270-021.

(#14.2) Pursuant to Government Code §54956.8 to meet with the City Council’s Real Property Negotiators Karen McNamara and Greg Rogers regarding APN: 211-100-057.

(#14.3) Pursuant to Government Code §54957 to meet with the City Council’s Labor Negotiators: Marc Fontes, Eva Phelps, Toni Renault, and Greg Rogers concerning Negotiations with SEIU Local 1021.

(#14.4) Pursuant to Government Code §54956.9(a) to meet with City Attorney regarding Timothy Mitchell, Sr., et al. v. Lester Galer, et al., Docket No. 11-15457, case No. 09-CV-0794 SI (9th Dist Ct. App).

(#14.5) Pursuant to Government Code §54957 to evaluate the Position of City Attorney.

At 10:07 p.m., the Council convened to Closed Session for items 14.1 through 14.5.  At 11:18 p.m., Mayor Clarkson reconvened the meeting.  All Councilmembers were present. 

Mayor Clarkson reported that no action was taken on items 14.1 through 14.5.

* * * *


At 11:19 p.m., there being no further business, Mayor Clarkson adjourned the meeting.

Bill Clarkson, Mayor
Patricia Edwards, City Clerk

Approved as presented at the February 14, 2012 City Council meeting 5-0.

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