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July 24, 2012

A regular meeting of the City Council of the City of San Ramon was held July 24, 2012 at 7:01 p.m. in the City Council Chamber at City Hall, 2222 Camino Ramon, Mayor Clarkson presiding. 
PRESENT:  Councilmembers Hudson, Livingstone, Perkins, and Mayor Clarkson.
ABSENT:  Councilmember O’Loane
STAFF PRESENT:  City Manager Greg Rogers, Interim City Attorney Bob Saxe, Police Captain Joe Gorton, Parks and Community Services Program Manager Brad Morris, Transportation Specialist PJ Dhoot, Economic Development Director Marc Fontes, Senior Planner Lauren Barr, and City Clerk Patricia Edwards.

* * * *


(#1.1) Pursuant to Government Code § 54956.9(a) Conference with Legal Counsel Regarding Existing Litigation (SEIU Local 1021 v. City of San Ramon, Case No. SF-CE-855-M).

At 6:31 p.m., the Council convened to Closed Session.  At 7:01 p.m., Mayor Clarkson reconvened the meeting.  All Councilmembers were present except Cm. O’Loane.  Mayor Clarkson reported that the City Council took no action.

* * * *


Two members of Boy Scout Troop 547 led those present in the pledge of allegiance.   

* * * *


The City Clerk requested that the Council defer action on the July 10, 2012 minutes to the August 28, 2012 Council meeting.  The Council voiced no objections.  She announced that the August 13, 2012 Finance Committee meeting has been cancelled. 

Cm. Hudson stated that the August 14, 2012 Council meeting has been cancelled.  The August 28, 2012 meeting will be held at the Dougherty Station Community Center. 

* * * *



(#4.1) Special Recognition:  Mayor's Cup Winner from 4th of July Run San Ramon Race.  Presentation by Brad Morris, Program Manager, Parks and Community Services Department. 

Brad Morris, Parks and Community Services Department Program Manager, reported that this was the 27th annual Run San Ramon Race and that there were more than 800 participants.  The Mayor’s Cup winner is the first San Ramon pre-registered resident who finishes each race, men’s and women’s.  The winners are: Sarah Hay, Women’s 5K; Brian Paniagua, Men’s 5K; Nina Mufti, Women’s 10K; and Calvin Tan, Men’s 10K.  He introduced Nina Mufti and presented her with a trophy and certificate acknowledging her accomplishment.  The other winners were unable to attend.  Mayor Clarkson thanked Mr. Morris for his efforts in running a smooth race.

(#4.2) Introduction of Metropolitan Transportation Commission High School Intern Alex Prange by Transportation Specialist PJ Dhoot.

Transportation Specialist PJ Dhoot said that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) provides funding for a high school intern in local government.  San Ramon was one of 60 entities who applied for this funding.  She introduced Alex Prange, this year’s intern.  Mr. Prange is interested in city planning specifically transportation and traffic engineering.  Ms. Dhoot stated that he is getting a well rounded city approach with experience in Police Department, Traffic Engineering, Planning and Transportation.  Mr. Prange is working on the Safe Routes to School map, streamlining the Traffic Speed Surveys, conducting research on several Planning projects, and observing the City’s traffic signal program.  Mayor Clarkson stated that he is proud of Mr. Prange. 

(#4.3) Recognition of Brooke Harris, Housing Programs Manager, on her Retirement by Marc Fontes, Economic Development Director.

Marc Fontes, Economic Development Director, presented a proclamation to Brooke Harris acknowledging her accomplishments during her tenure with the City.  Mr. Fontes stated that Ms. Harris is a true public servant.  She secured over one million dollars in State grant funding for community recreation and cultural facilities as a result of the affordable housing units built in San Ramon.  Through the projects and programs which she oversaw, she directly and positively touched the lives of the people in San Ramon.  Ms. Harris stated that she is culminating her thirty year career in government on a high note.  She added that she could not have accomplished what she did without the support of the Council, Planning Commission, Housing Advisory Committee, and the Department City staff. 

Ms. Rogoff presented flowers to Ms. Harris and thanked her for her friendship and service to the City.  Donna Kerger, Planning Commission Chair, stated that Ms. Harris touched people’s lives in a realm which many were not aware of and did it quietly and professionally.  Ms. Harris was a pleasure to work with and her expertise will be difficult to replace.  Cm. Hudson noted that many people do not realize the maze of regulations associated with the Regional Housing Assessment Needs.  The City was fortunate to have had Ms. Harris’ expertise in completing the Housing Element and dealing with the state’s complicated housing laws. 

* * * *


Roz Rogoff, resident, stated that Cm. Hudson’s comments regarding Public Comment at the Successor Agency meeting was incorrect.  She explained why there are two Public Comment items on the agenda.  The purpose is to accommodate speakers at the beginning and at the end of the meeting.  She added that Cm. Perkins developed this compromise.  She believes that both Public Comment items be retained.

* * * *


* * * *


(#7.1) Minutes of the July 10, 2012 regular meeting.

The July 10, 2012 minutes will be deferred to the August 28, 2012 Council meeting.

* * * *


(#8.1) Register of Demands as presented by the City Treasurer (Period ending June 30, 2012).

(#8.2) City of San Ramon Quarterly Investment Report (Period Ending June 30, 2012).

(#8.3) Ordinance No. 430 – Approving the Church on the Hill Development Agreement (DA 09-850-001).

(#8.4) Minute Order No. 2012-026 – Directing the City Clerk to Review and Prepare the Biennial Conflict of Interest Code for the City of San Ramon.

(#8.5) Minute Order No. 2012-027 – Directing the City Clerk to Prepare and Post the Information for the Fair Political Practices Commission Form 806.

(#8.6) Resolution No. 2012-075 – Authorizing the Mayor to Execute Program Supplement Agreement No. N011 to Administering Agency-State Agreement No. 04-5437R with the State of California for Construction and Construction Engineering for the Alcosta Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation Project (CIP 5549) Federal Aid Project No. STPL-5437(024).

(#8.7) Resolution No. 2012-076 – Authorizing the Mayor to Execute an Agreement with Landscape Structures, Inc. for the Athan Downs Playground Renovation (CIP No. 5423) in an Amount Not to Exceed $238,117.

Vice Mayor Livingstone’s motion to adopt items 8.1 through 8.7 was seconded by Cm. Perkins and passed 4-0-1-0.  Cm. O’Loane was absent.

* * * *


(#9.1A) Resolution No. 2012-077 – Certifying the North Camino Ramon Specific Plan Final Environmental Impact Report (SCH# 2010092014), Adopting Findings of Fact, Adopting Mitigation Measures, and Rejecting Alternatives.

(#9.1B) Resolution No. 2012-078 – Approving the North Camino Ramon Specific Plan (SP 09-800-001).

Senior Planner Lauren Barr presented the report.  At the July 10, 2012 meeting, the Council directed staff to reduce the housing numbers within the Plan Area and add policy language to protect the City’s financial interests related to funding City services. 

He stated that Resolution Nos. 2012-077 and 2012-078 incorporate these changes.  Cm. Hudson asked if the City will have an issue with housing numbers if the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) has not certified the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) numbers.  Mr. Barr responded that it is not a problem.

Mayor Clarkson opened the public comment.  There were no requests to address this item.  Mayor Clarkson closed the public comment.

Cm. Perkins thanked the staff for doing an excellent job in crafting the statement which captured his intent on the cost of providing City services.   

Cm. Hudson’s motion to adopt Resolution No. 2012-077 was seconded by Vice Mayor Livingstone and passed 4-0-1-0.  Cm. O’Loane was absent.

Mayor Clarkson recognized staff’s efforts to provide a policy framework for the Council to make decisions which will not result in a financial burden to the City.  He appreciated staff’s response to lower the NCRSP housing numbers to 1,124 which is the number in General Plan 2030.

Cm. Hudson’s motion to adopt Resolution No. 2012-078 was seconded by Vice Mayor Livingstone and passed 4-0-1-0.  Cm. O’Loane was absent.

Cm. Hudson stated that he presented the City’s letter regarding its RHNA numbers to the joint ABAG/MTC meeting.  The percentage of San Ramon’s RHNA numbers for affordable housing are very high compared to those of other cities.  Mayor Clarkson requested an explanation of RHNA numbers.  Cm. Hudson stated that ABAG and MTC are trying to synchronize the RHNA cycle.  The City needs to show that it is providing its fair share of housing.  He stated that the new Housing Element is due in 2014.  Mayor Clarkson stated that there are outside agencies who dictate to cities how many homes to build and specify qualifying income levels for prospective buyers.  He added that cities which do not abide by these rulings are subject to sanctions.  Cm. Perkins thanked the City staff for the significant effort which they put into the resolutions.   

* * * *


(#10.1) Public Hearing:  Introduction of Ordinance No. (next in line) – Amending the Zoning Map to Include the North Camino Ramon Specific Plan Area and Adopting Development Standards and Zoning Regulations.

The staff report was provided by Lauren Barr, Senior Planner.  He stated that the proposed Ordinance provides the regulatory authority for the development standards and land use standards which are contained in the North Camino Ramon Specific Plan (NCRSP).  The proposed Ordinance amends the existing Zoning Map to establish the NCRSP area as shown on the map and adopts Chapter 4 (land use standards) and Chapter 6 (development standards) for the Plan area.  The Council had no questions.

Cm. Hudson’s motion to introduce the Ordinance, waive the reading and read by title only was seconded by Vice Mayor Livingstone and passed 4-0-1-0.  Cm. O’Loane was absent.

Mayor Clarkson opened the public hearing.

Roz Rogoff, resident, stated that many people do not understand this Ordinance.  They believe that this plan will throw out existing businesses and create a big development.  She clarified that it is a zoning change which means that property owners can make these changes but they are not required to do so.  She wants residents to understand that this is not a massive change but a plan for 10-20 years.

Mayor Clarkson closed the public hearing.

Cm. Hudson stated that the NCRSP is not a development plan.  It is an answer to a change in legislation.  Nothing will change without buy-in from the property owners.  Mr. Barr added that it is a planning document and not a project.  It does not have project level entitlements.  It is a visioning document intended to provide guidance for policies and development standards for the next twenty years for this area.  It covers many of the goals of the current General Plan, meets some of the City’s housing and regional planning efforts, and green house gas reduction objectives. 

Vice Mayor Livingstone stated that the Crow Canyon Specific Plan (CCSP) provided good planning for the future.  Mr. Barr noted that the CCSP has been in place since 2004 and that there have been a few infill projects in that Plan area.

Cm. Perkins stated that the CCSP provides a framework for businesses and land owners.  It provides a level of certainty but does not force them to make any changes.  On his recent trip to Paris, he observed that most buildings are seven stories tall.  A typical building has retail/commercial/restaurants on the ground floor with offices and housing located above.  Only cathedrals and some government buildings are more than seven stories tall.  He noted that density adds a level of vibrancy to an area.  He added that the NCRSP has a height restriction of 85 feet.

Mayor Clarkson closed the public hearing.

Cm. Hudson’s motion to set the Ordinance for adoption on August 28, 2012 at the Dougherty Station Community Center meeting was seconded by Vice Mayor Livingstone and passed 4-0-1-0.  Cm. O’Loane was absent.

(#10.2) Reconsideration of Recruitment Timeline for Public Information Officer.

City Manager Greg Rogers introduced the item.  Mayor Clarkson stated that he is passionate about communication.  The importance of communication should be discussed without being directive to staff.  He stated that the City’s Social Media Team made an amazing presentation on July 10, 2012.  He stated that if he had paid really mindful attention, he would have realized what the staff can provide and, with the City Manager’s direction, it will do a wonderful job for the City.  He thanked the Council for their support.  He noted that being mayor is a learning process.  He appreciates the Council’s willingness to reconsider this item.  He decided to leave communication in the City Manager’s and Team’s hands to take it to the next level.

Mayor Clarkson opened the public comment.

Resident Roz Rogoff stated she expressed the need for a Public Information Officer (PIO) 5-6 years ago.  She added that communication is two way.  The City provides a lot of information to its residents.  The City made a significant effort to inform residents of the Fourth of July Community Forum.  She was surprised that so few people attended.  She does not know how a PIO can bring out a crowd in San Ramon.  A PIO is not needed now because City staff is doing a good job.

Mayor Clarkson closed the public comment.

Cm. Perkins made a motion that the Council defer the posting and hiring of a PIO to an indeterminate date.  Mayor Clarkson suggested that the Council provide clear direction about the importance of communication and leave it to the City Manager to decide how to he wants to handle it.  He noted that the Council should not be directing the City Manager.  Mayor Clarkson recommended that the Council withdraw its earlier (July 10, 2012) motion.  He stated that the City Manager and his communications team should decide how to move forward.  Vice Mayor Livingstone concurred with Mayor Clarkson’s comments.  There was no second to Cm. Perkins’ motion.  Cm. Perkins suggested that Mayor Clarkson make the motion.    

Mayor Clarkson’s motion to withdrew the last (July 10, 2012) motion and that the Council leave it at the discretion of the City Manager to proceed forward with communications.  Cm. Perkins amended the motion that the Council encourage staff to make their very best effort to enhance communication within staff, and with Council, and with the public.  Cm. Hudson stated that the Council will make mistakes and will reconsider decisions.  He noted that government moves in a very deliberate manner in an effort to try and get it right.  Vice Mayor Livingstone seconded Mayor Clarkson’s motion.  The motion passed 4-0-0-1.  Cm. O’Loane was absent.

* * * *


* * * *


Jim Gibbon, resident, thanked Mayor Clarkson for participating in an effort to make a presentation at Safeway on behalf of the Building Bridges project.  Volunteer day for Building Bridges is scheduled for October 20, 2012.  He reported that Safeway has decided to fund the project with a $5,000 grant.  Safeway will be discussing a volunteer effort to participate and finish the Memorial Park at Camp Parks.  Previous efforts to involve Safeway were not successful.  He added that he was grateful for the Mayor’s and City’s effort to support this project.  Mayor Clarkson thanked Mr. Gibbon for his leadership on this project.

* * * *


Cm. Hudson stated that there was an earlier discussion about Public Comment at the Successor Agency meeting.  He discussed the establishment of two Public Comment items.  He clarified that there was no conspiracy regarding Public Comments.

Mayor Clarkson reminded residents about the Summer Concert series on Sunday afternoons.  He asked the Council to think about the possibility of creating or encouraging a community engagement group.  San Ramon is a very diversified and vibrant city.    He encouraged all members of the community to find ways to have a common discussion of their activities, cultural events, and issues that might be going on in San Ramon.  He invited residents to attend the monthly Mayor’s Breakfast at Clementine’s Restaurant on July 27, 2012.

* * * *


At 8:04 p.m., there being no further business, Mayor Clarkson adjourned the meeting.

Bill Clarkson, Mayor
Patricia Edwards, City Clerk

Approved as presented at the August 28, 2012 City Council meeting 3-0-1-1; Perkins absent;O'Loane abstain.

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