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BOLLINGER CANYON ROAD PEDESTRIAN & SIGNAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT (Phase 1) - This project will modify intersections along Bollinger Canyon Road from Canyon Lakes Drive to Dougherty Road, to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow efficiency.

CENTRALIZED IRRIGATION SYSTEM UPGRADE PROJECT - This project will upgrade the irrigation controllers that are older than ten years old and convert the controllers that utilize digital communication format with the central computer to local radio transmission.

CITYWIDE LANDSCAPING PLANTING RENOVATION PROJECT - This project will provide annual landscaping improvements to the Landscaping District throughout the City.

DOUGHERTY VALLEY TREE PLANTING PROGRAM - This project will provide for the removal of selected trees located in narrow planter strips of various subdivisions within the Dougherty Valley.

PAVEMENT REPAIR STOP GAP PROJECT 2014/2015 - This project will provide pavement patch repairs on City streets on an as-needed basis.

SAN RAMON VALLEY BOULEVARD BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT - This project will improve the streetscape and landscape to beautify the pedestrian and visual environment on San Ramon Valley Boulevard from Crow Canyon Road to the northern City limits. Phase 2 of this project includes improvements along the proposed Sakura Restaurant frontage at 2257 San Ramon Valley Boulevard.


PEDESTRIAN ENHANCEMENT DEVICES PROJECT - This project will install in-roadway lights and flashing signage at marked crosswalks to provide increased awareness of pedestrian activity. The locations include: Alcosta Boulevard at Fire Station No. 34 south driveway; Harcourt Way and Craiglee Drive; Talavera Drive at Cardona Circle (south); Windemere Parkway and Holborn Way; and Windemere Parkway and Kearny Way.

TRAFFIC SIGNALS IMPROVEMENTS AND ENHANCEMENTS PROJECT - This project provides for improvements and enhancements to approximately 94 traffic signal intersection pole heads and arms in the City. Currently, will install traffic loop detectors.


ADA AND SAFETY REGULATIONS FOR PLAYGROUND UPGRADES PROJECT - This project will retrofit the playgrounds at various City parks to provide access to playground facilities in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and compliance with Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) safety regulations. This year, Village Green Park and Old Ranch Park will be upgraded.

AMADOR RANCHO CENTER FURNISHINGS & EQUIPMENT PROJECT - This project will provide for the purchase of furnishings and related office equipment for the newly built Amador Rancho Center Facility.

AQUATIC CENTER RESURFACING AND POOL RE-PLASTERING PROJECT - This project will replace the concrete decking around the pool and plaster the 50-meter pool.

CENTRAL PARK MEADOW FOUNTAIN REPAIR AND RENOVATION PROJECT - This project will repair the eastern area of the lake, and relocate the equipment in the existing underground vault to a new ground surface enclosed area.

CENTRAL PARK RESTORATION AND IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT - This project will restore the aging park infrastructure, site amenities and provide enhancements to the existing park features. This will be a multi-year, phased project. This coming year will include installation of new score boards and dug out benches, as well as restroom renovation at the concession area, and irrigation work and additional tree installation to the park.

CITY FACILITIES ROOF COVERING MAINTENANCE AND REPLACEMENT PROJECT - This project will provide for the replacement and or repair of roof coverings at City facilities. This year will include reroof of Pool Shed at San Ramon Olympic Pool.

CITY FACILITIES SECURITY IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT - This project will provide for the installation of enhanced facility security measures at several of the City's highly used public facilities.

DOUGHERTY VALLEY AQUATIC CENTER EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT PROJECT - This project will provide for the replacement of pool heaters, pumps, motors and related equipment at Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center.

FOUNTAIN REPAIRS AND REPLACEMENT PROJECT- This project will provide repairs and renovation to existing City fountains on an as-needed basis.

INTERIOR AMENITIES PROJECT - This project provides for the renovation and replacement of interior surfaces throughout the City's facilities which will maintain the facilities' appearance and prolong the life expectancy of the assets. Currently, replacing appliances and water heater at Service Center; replace elevator at San Ramon Community Center; and complete conversion of door/key systems upgrade to all City facilities.

PUBLIC ART IN PARKS PROJECT - This project will provide for a commissioned piece of public art for City parks throughout the City. Currently, San Ramon Sports Park (completed December 2014) and companion piece at Athan Downs Park.

SAN RAMON OLYMPIC POOL EQUIPMENT REPLACEMENT PROJECT - This project will provide for the replacement of pool heaters, pumps, motors and related equipment at San Ramon Olympic Pool.

SHADE STRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT PROJECT - This project will provide for the installation of new shade structures throughout the City parks on a prioritization of need and availability of funding. The locations for this year includes: Sports Park, Old Ranch Park and Bark and Ride.


CITY HALL PROJECT - This project will provide for the design and construction of a new 45,000 square foot City Hall to be located in Central Park. The work will be completed through a design-build agreement between the City and Sunset Development Company.

PUBLIC WORKS PROJECTS - Annual Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk Repairs throughout the City.


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