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Encroach on Public Street
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encroachment permits

An encroachment permit is required for any work to be performed in the public right of way.  Examples of work requiring an encroachment permit would include (but are not limited to) trenching in the street for a new utility or repair and/or replacement, replacement of sidewalk, installation of a drain through the curb, and construction or widening of a driveway approach, and dumpsters and/or portable outdoor storage units.  On most streets, the public right of way extends approximately 10 feet from the face of curb but vary throughout the City.

Download Encroachment Permit form (pdf)


A Transportation Permit is required for transportation loads in excess of Caltrans standard height, weight, and length requirements.  A permit is needed when the vehicle exceeds any of the following; 8 ½ feet wide, 14 feet tall, 40 feet in length, or 65 foot combined length.  A Transportation Permit is valid for 5 days and permit request must be made at least 1 working day prior to the transport date.


A site development permit is required for work on private property which includes (but is not limited to) excavation or moving of dirt, installation or alteration of drainage, paving, or installation of site improvements such as sidewalk, landscaping, lighting, and utilities.  Prior to final approval of this permit generally requires approval by the Planning Department and/or the Planning Commission and review and approval by the Engineering Department of improvement plans, traffic, hydrology and soils studies and reports, and site stormwater control plans.

Download the Site Development Permit form (pdf)

GRADING permits

A grading permit is required for work on private property or related to grading, paving, or clearing activities as outlined in the Grading Ordinance.

Drainage permits

A drainage permit is required for any work on any City-owned drainage easement or any other work that may alter the drainage patterns or characteristics.

Download Drainage Permit form (pdf)

Standard Plans and Details

Please click on any of the following links to download our standard details in PDF format:

current large scale permits

There are currently no active large-scale projects.

For more information on any of these permits and which permits are applicable to any new construction project, please contact the Engineering Services Department at (925) 973-2670, or please utilize the City’s Permit Center to coordinate new project activities with Engineering, Planning, and Building at 2401 Crow Canyon Road.


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