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San Ramon City Offices
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City Council
Mayor Bill Clarkson
Vice Mayor David E. Hudson
Councilmember Philip G. O'Loane
Councilmember Scott Perkins
Councilmember Harry Sachs

7000 Bollinger Canyon Rd
Phone: (925) 973-2530
Email: CityCouncil@sanramon.ca.gov

The City Council is elected by the citizens to provide overall policy direction to ensure that the business of the City is conducted in an orderly and efficient manner.  The City Council enacts ordinances, resolutions, and orders, necessary for governing the affairs of the City, and promotes the economic, cultural, and governmental well being of the City of San Ramon.

City Manager
Joseph Gorton
7000 Bollinger Canyon Rd
Phone: (925) 973-2530
Email: CityManager@sanramon.ca.gov

The City Manager provides professional leadership in the management of the City and execution of City Council policies.  The City manager provides effective municipal services through the coordination and direction of all City activities, economic development, finances, and personnel.  

City Attorney
Martin Lysons
7000 Bollinger Canyon Rd
Phone: (925) 973-2549
Email: CityAttorney@sanramon.ca.gov

The City Attorney renders timely, professional legal advice to the City Council and City departments; prepares, amends, and reviews official City documents, laws and regulations, and represents the City in litigation, including civil worker's compensation and council matters.

Administrative Services Department
Eva Phelps,
7000 Bollinger Canyon Rd
Phone: (925) 973-2514
Email: AdminServices@sanramon.ca.gov

The Administrative Services Department is responsible for providing a variety of services to other departments and the public. The Department consists of four Divisions; the Finance Division, Information Technology Division, Human Resources Division and the Central Services Division. Each division has its own individual purpose as provided in the Division “Statement of Purpose”.

City Clerk
Renee Beck, City Clerk
7000 Bollinger Canyon Rd
Phone: (925) 973-2538
Email: CityClerk@sanramon.ca.gov

The City Clerk is the custodian of all legal and official City records, is responsible for conducting municipal elections, processing public requests for information, administering Conflict of Interest requirements, organizing and publishing City Council agenda, and is the recording Clerk for all City Council meetings.

Parks and Community Services Department
Eric Figueroa, Interim Director
7000 Bollinger Canyon Rd
Phone: (925) 973-3200
Email: Parks@sanramon.ca.gov

The Parks and Community Services Department provides a wide variety of cultural, sporting, and educational events and programming for all segments of the San Ramon community. The Department is responsible for partnering with Contra Costa County in managing the San Ramon Library, and partnering with cities in the Tri-Valley to oversee management of the government access channel.

Planning/Community Development Department
Debbie Chamberlain, Interim Director
2401 Crow Canyon Road
Phone: (925) 973-2560
E-mail: Planning@sanramon.ca.gov

The Planning/Community Development Department is responsible for the following divisions and programs: Building and Safety Services,  Planning Services, and Transportation Services.

Police Services Department
Dan Pratt, Interim Chief of Police

2401 Crow Canyon Road
Phone: (925) 973-2700
Email: Police@sanramon.ca.gov

The Police Services Department is responsible for the safety and welfare of the citizens of San Ramon by ensuring and maintaining effective law enforcement systems, such as crime prevention, traffic enforcement, patrol, criminal investigations, vice and narcotic enforcement, and community relations.

Public WORKS Department
Maria Fierner, Director

5000 Crow Canyon Road
Phone: (925) 973-2800
Email: PublicServices@sanramon.ca.gov

The Public Works Department is responsible for the Street Maintenance Services, Lighting and Landscaping District Maintenance, Solid Waste Services, administration and implementation of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the federally mandated Stormwater Pollution Control Program, managing and coordinating the City's Geographic Information System (GIS) Enterprise Server and application developments, traffic engineering, and for the review and inspection of development projects.

We provide efficient delivery of quality public services that are essential to those who live and work in San Ramon.
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