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All City of San Ramon regular employees are, by law, Disaster Service Workers.  The roles and responsibilities for Disaster Service Workers are authorized by the California Emergency Services Act and are defined in the California Labor Code. If the City of San Ramon declares a "Local Emergency" during normal work hours, employees will be expected to remain at work to respond to the emergency needs of this community. If a "Local Emergency" is declared outside of normal work hours, employees may be called back to work, either in San Ramon or in their home communities.

In order for us to be effective Disaster Service Workers, it is important to be assured that our family members are safe and secure. The best way to have this assurance is to be prepared for a possible emergency by having personal/family emergency plans. Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that employees take the steps to prepare themselves and their families.

eSanRamon is a new email and digital subscription solution to enhance the way City residents receive and access municipal information. It allows residents to subscribe to topics of interest and receive free, instant email alerts when this information is updated. It also functions as a FREE Public Alert System that allows for instant notification in emergency situations.  Subscribers will receive real-time Crime Bulletins and Emergency Alerts both via email and wirelessly. In order to receive these time-sensitive emergency notifications, you MUST subscribe to the service by clicking here.

For businesses who are interested in adopting a program similar to the City of San Ramon's Emergency Preparedness Plan, please download the memo on "City Employees' Responsibilities as Disaster Service Workers."  We hope this document will help you in formulating your own Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderYou will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files. Click here to get the Reader. If you are unable to access these documents online, please participate by contacting us via e-mail at adminserv@sanramon.ca.gov or by telephone at (925) 973-2503. 

We also encourage any visually impaired users who are unable to view the PDF documents to visit http://Access.Adobe.com, the site contains tools that can convert PDF documents into simple HTML or ASCII text which standard screen reading programs can then synthesize the HTML as audible speech.


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