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Open Space Task Force

Amended by the San Ramon City Council, April 25, 2006
Amended by the San Ramon City Council, September 9, 2008
Amended by the San Ramon City Council, August 9, 2011


  1. The name of this group shall be the San Ramon Open Space Task Force (hereinafter referred to as “Task Force”).


  1. The Committee was originally established by the City Council on January 28, 2003, pursuant to a policy identified in the adopted General Plan 2020 to establish an Open Space Advisory Committee to the Parks and Community Services Commission. The General Plan states that the Committee will help foster public awareness and understanding of open space preservation opportunities and assist the Parks and Community Services Commission in implementing the Open Space Preservation Action Plan.

  2. The General Plan 2020 mandated that the City Council establish the size, term length and requirements for membership of each advisory committee, including the Open Space and Conservation Advisory Committee, with a specific time period to accomplish its work.

  3. The General Plan 2030 adopted on April 26, 2011 requires the continuation of the Open Space and Conservation Advisory Committee and renames the Committee the Open Space Task Force.


  1. Per General Plan 2030 Policies 8.4-I-4 the Task Force is   advisory to the Parks and Community Services Commission for Open Space to assist in establishing preservation and acquisition priorities.


  1. Establish priorities for open space preservation contiguous to the City of San Ramon based on an evaluation of
    • Biological or ecological significance
    • Historical significance
    • Visual quality, including preservation of significant ridgelines, viewsheds, and scenic vistas
    • Presence of significant waterways and associated riparian habitat
    • Recreation opportunities (e.g., hiking, photography, nature study, bicycling,     horseback riding, bird watching, etc.)

  2. Advise the City Council through the Parks and Community Services Commission regarding opportunities and resources available for establishing a secure funding source for open space acquisition, preservation, and maintenance;

  3. Provide a forum for input from the community regarding open space issues which are consistent with the Task Force’s charge; and

  4. The General Plan 2030 identifies the following tasks to be accomplished by the Task Force:
    8-4-I-2 Encourage developers to explore Transfer of Development Rights (TDRs) in conjunction with project review to cluster residential development and preserve open space, ridgelines, and creek corridors.

    8.4-I-3 Utilize GHADs and/or other secure funding mechanisms for open space to assist in the acquisition and on-going management, operation, and maintenance of a ridgeline and hillside open space system.

    8.4-I-8 Explore funding opportunities to restore degraded habitat on publicly owned open space and to provide assistance, where appropriate, to owners of privately owned land dedicated as permanent open space, to facilitate private restoration effects.

    8.4-I-9 Preserve open space pursuant to Policy 8.4-I-5, on a priority basis as funds are available using the following criteria:
    • Lands currently for sale or that can be acquired under favorable terms or conditions;
    • Land with high biological and ecological value, including those that contain natural watersheds, wetlands, riparian corridors, sensitive natural communities, or occupied by special status plant and wildlife species;
    • Lands that are contiguous to existing open space properties or other public lands and that provide continuity with current uses and buffers; or
    • Lands that provide trail connections or other recreational opportunities.
      No order of priority is implied by this list.

8.4-I-12 Confer, through the development review process, with appropriate agencies and organizations to create a connecting region-wide open space system.


  1. The Task Force shall consist of six (6) representatives.   Members shall consist of the Past Chair, Chair, and Vice Chair of the Parks and Community Services Commission, and the Past Chair and Chair of the Planning Commission and one At-Large Citizen representative.

  2. The Task Force will have voting capacity. The Task Force will include one liaison from the Geologic Hazard Abatement District (GHAD) Board of Directors concurrently serving as a member of the City Council Policy Committee who will be a non-voting member. Non-voting City staff will be assigned as needed by the City Manager, with a representative from Parks and Community Services, Engineering Department and Planning Services and serve to provide professional expertise, program and budget advice, and assistance with applicable open meeting regulations.


  1. The Citizen member serves in an At-Large capacity for a two (2) year term, beginning July 1 of each year and would have voting authority. The Citizen Member shall be appointed by the City Council.  Prior to final approval and appointment by the City Council, candidates will be interviewed by the Parks and Community Service Commission.  A recommendation will be forwarded to the City Council by the Parks and Community Services Commission.


  1. The Task Force will meet as deemed necessary by the City Council.

  2. Quorum: A majority of voting members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of action on any issue or agenda item.

  3. Members shall notify the Chair or staff in the event of an anticipated absence from a regularly scheduled meeting. In case of absence, a substitute from the appropriate commission will be elicited from either the Parks and Community Services Commission or Planning Commission.
  4. Meetings shall follow the Brown Act Laws for Open Public Meetings, Government Code Section 54950.5, and public input during a public forum shall be established and supported. Standard rules of parliamentary procedure will govern meetings.

    1. Agendas: A written agenda shall be developed by the Chair, with input from Task Force members and the staff, and shall be delivered to all Task Force members at least 72 hours in advance of the Task Force meeting.

    2. Minutes: Written summary minutes shall be recorded by staff, typed and issued to all Task Force members for their approval.

    3. Written Correspondence/Verbal Communication: All written official correspondence and verbal communication on behalf of the Task Force or any Task Force member that is directed to any outside agency, organization or person shall have the consent of the Task Force.
  5. Officers: The Task Force shall be chaired by the Past Chair of the Parks and Community Services Commission; and the Vice Chair shall be filled by the Chair of the Parks and Community Services Commission.   Term of office is one year.  The Chair shall not serve consecutive full year terms as Chair.

    1. Chair: Shall preside at all meetings of the Task Force; decide on all points of order; appoint sub-Task Force membership; follow up on work of sub-Task Forces; represent Task Force to City Council and Commission; call special meetings; coordinate agenda preparation with staff; encourage active participation of members.

    2. Vice-Chair: Shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the Chair.

  6. Staff: Task Force staff shall be assigned by the City Manager to maintain records of all activities of the Task Force, including written summary minutes of all Task Force meetings; record attendance; arrange for filling vacancies; prepare agenda in consultation with Chair; provide information necessary for Task Force work; assure compliance with applicable laws; lend professional expertise; and, track time spent on Task Force work consistent with the City of San Ramon Policies, Rules, And Procedures For Citizen Advisory Committee & Task Forces.


  1. Task Force members may make recommendations to the City Council through the Parks and Community Services Commission as assigned in the Task Force’s charge.  The Task Force may establish sub-Task Forces as deemed necessary.  Sub-Task Forces are for the sole purpose of researching, reviewing, or providing overall policy direction on programs, facilities, orservices prior to being presented to the full Task Force.

  2. Task Force will submit recommendations to the City Council through the Parks and Community Services Commission in writing, as approved by a majority of the Task Force.


  1. Any proposed amendment to these bylaws must be approved by a majority vote of the Task Force and ratified by the City Council through the Parks and Community Services Commission.


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