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Alcosta Senior & Community Center Gallery

located at 9300 Alcosta Blvd.


Usha Shukla
oil (abstract)
April 1 - 29

Combining my love for nature and passion for art, I create large abstract paintings in vibrant colors that portray the constant movement in nature. The final visual is pure abstract with no physical references. My color palette is derived from the harmony of colors I perceive in nature. I have a unique process of mark-making. I dilute oil paints with solvents and pour them on wood panels laid flat. I move the paint using an air blower adding multiple layers of thin paint to create the final composition.

Allison Taylor Bumanlag
Acrylic on Canvas
May 2 - 29
Shweta has always been infatuated with imitating nature and replicating it on canvas. She is really intrigued about the fine level of details a painting requires to resemble nature. When she explore different landscapes, either on the river banks of Alberta, Canada or under the tress of Palm Springs, she study the applications of colors and the way the light reflects on objects. Art isn't her career, it's her life