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Q. What is required of me to exhibit in a City of San Ramon Gallery?
A. You must submit an application along with work sample images through the google form which is linked on this main page
While there are no geographical requirements, artists are required to hang/install and take down their own exhibit. 
A gallery waiver is also required once accepted and confirmed as an exhibiting artist. Please also make sure you have enough pieces to display (see below).

Q. What does it cost to exhibit and why are there fees?
A. The gallery fees vary based on specific gallery as they all differ in size. There are gallery fees to assist in cost associated with marketing, gallery equipment and maintenance. There is not an application fee for submitting.

Lindsay Dirkx Brown Gallery (located inside the San Ramon Community Center) is $55/month for San Ramon Residents and $110/month for Non Residents.

San Ramon City Hall Gallery & The Alcosta Senior  & Community Center Gallery are $30/month

San Ramon Library and Dougherty Station Community Center gallery are $30/2 month.

The City also receives  20%  of all sales. Artists are not required to have work for sale.

Q. How many pieces do I need?
A. This largely depends on the size of your work. Each gallery space varies in size but typically we see the following:
City Hall: 30 - 40+ pieces
Lindsay Dirkx Brown: 40+ pieces
Alcosta Senior & Community Center: 20 - 30 pieces
Dougherty Station Community Center: 20 - 25 pieces
San Ramon Library:10 - 15 pieces

*It is strongly recommend to visit the galleries before submitting to get a sense for which space will work for you. In the application you will note which galleries you are open to getting selected for.

Q. How are artists selected?
A. Staff compile all work samples from applicants to present to the City's Ars Advisory Committee. The Arts Advisory Committee than go through a review and scoring process. Then City staff will look at all schedule and gallery preferences as well as how Artists scored and compile the master calendar/schedule for those artist selected.