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Winner of the Palme d'Or, this film is a gripping tale of human survival. In Sri Lanka a Tamil soldier poses as a husband and father of two strangers in order to make a new life in France only to encounter new challenges there. Rated R, 100 minutes, French & Tamil/English subtitles
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Force Majeure
A Swedish family travels to the French Alps to enjoy a skiing vacation. During lunch an avalanche turns the family's world upside down. The real question is how will the father's reaction to the avalanche impact his family & marriage? Rated R, 120 minutes, French, Norwegian/English subtitles.
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Suburban Thunder Improv Company
Join the Suburban Thunder Improv Company for spontaneous improvisational theater! Last Spring , we brought you a birthday party and head to head director's competition, this year, we're bringing you even more! More games! More laughter! More competition! And more prizes! Come see who we challenge and find out who will be victorious. Age 14+.
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