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San Ramon LogoGO Card FAQ title line

What Is The GO Card?

  1. q       The GO Card is a membership program where members earn points for every dollar they spend on classes and programs with the San Ramon Parks & Community Services Department

How Do I Earn GO Points?

  1. q       Every time a GO Card member registers and completes a program points are credited to the member’s family account. For every $10 you spend you will earn 1 point. For example, if you register for a program that costs $20 you will earn 2 points.

** Please Note: Points earned are always rounded down, a $199 program would earn 19 points.

What Are GO Points Worth?

  1. q       Each point is equivalent to $1 in credit towards future programs you purchase with the San Ramon Parks & Community Services Department.

When Can I Use My GO Points?

  1. q       GO Points will be available to use after the program is completed. No points will be earned if the program is cancelled, or if a refund/transfer/withdraw request is approved.

Can I use my points on ANY program you offer?

  1. q       You can redeem your points for almost all of the programs listed in our quarterly Recreation Guide. Listed below are most of the programs that GO Card members may not redeem points for.

Recreation Programs That Do Not Accumulate Points Are:

  1. q       All Adult Sports Leagues
  2. q       Daily Recreation Swim Passes
  3. q       Senior Day Classes
  4. q       Teen Concerts
  5. q       Teen Dances
  6. q       Skate Contests (Inline and Skateboarding)
  7. q       BMX Track Events

Can I Use My GO Points When I Register Online?

  1. q       Not at this time. To pay for a program using points you may mail, fax or walk-in your registration form.

 How Long Is My GO Card Membership Valid?

  1. q       GO Card Memberships are valid for one year from the enrollment date. The Parks & Community Services Department will send a renewal notice when it is time for you to renew your membership.

Will GO Card Points Ever Expire?

  1. q       No. GO Card members can redeem their points at any time. In the event that the Parks & Community Services Department decides to cancel the GO Card program you will be notified and given a minimum of 90 days to redeem points.

How Can I Check How Many Points I Have Accumulated?

  1. q       GO Card Members can check points balances by calling (925) 973-3200 or it will be available on your registration receipts.

goSign-Up Now!  Start Earning Points Today!

To become a GO Card Member you can Mail, Fax, of Walk-in your registration form and signed terms of use. 

>> Click Here To Download Registration Form

>> Click Here To Download New Customer Packet/Terms of Use

Need More Information?

Email nblazin@sanramon.ca.gov

Call (925) 973-3200