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Residential Additions, Improvements, and New Constructions

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  1. Introduction
  2. Architectural Review Requirements
  3. Design Review Process Summary
  4. Design Review Criteria
  5. Required Items for Architectural Review
  6. Sample Conditions of Approval

IV.  Design Review Criteria:

The residential development policy of the City of San Ramon is to employ creative site design and architectural quality that blends with the aesthetic characteristics of each location and its surroundings, and incorporate a 360-degree design element*. Architectural design compatibility with the existing structure and the structures in the neighborhood are the keys to preserve and enhance the City’s aesthetic quality. The following design issues are considered during the application review.

    • Bulk and Height of Structures
      Well designed homes in San Ramon often have variety of indentations, projections, and height variations. A monotonous home design is generally not well-received. A large blank wall with a few windows should be avoided.

    • Windows
      The size of windows should be proportionate to the structure and architectural features such as dormers and gables. Window and window trim design should be consistent with the architectural style. Locations of windows should be sensitive to minimize potential privacy invasion to the neighboring homes.

    • Architectural Details
      Architectural details such as stone veneer façade, window shutters, and window flower boxes are encouraged to enrich the quality of the home. Any architectural details should be consistent with the architectural style

    • Materials, Textures, and Colors
      Selections of finishing materials such as walls, siding, and roofing and their colors are as critical as the rest of the architectural design. Most common approach to selecting the finishing materials and colors is to match the existing conditions. The finishing materials and their colors shall also be consistent with the architectural style.

* 360-degree design: An architectural design that relates to all adjacent buildings, including those on the side and rear as well as those facing the building.



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