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What is a Development Plan?

Development Plans or Development Plan Amendments are required for all new development and additions to existing structures. A development plan identifies the location and architectural style of a building, the type and location of landscaping and the number of parking spaces. Review of a development plan ensures that a project is architecturally compatible with other nearby developments.


An example is a developing a shopping center. It is important that center be architecturally compatible with surrounding residential and/or commercial development to enhance the community image. Negative impacts can occur when located next to residential development. Common restrictions include limited hours of operation, soundproofing and noise limits, security guards and parking requirements

Decision-Making Process

Decision-makers want to hear from those who have opinions or information about whether to approve a Development Plan.  If you want to share your thoughts, see “Suggestions for Providing Effective Testimony at a Planning Commission Public Hearing”   


Key Questions

  • Does the project achieve the general purposes of this Zoning Ordinance or the specific purposes of the subject zone, or to make it consistent with the General Plan or any applicable specific plan;

  • Does the project protect the public health, safety, and general welfare; or

  • Is it designed to ensure operation and maintenance of the use in a manner compatible with existing and potential uses on adjoining properties or in the surrounding area?

  • If not, are there things that can be done to make it more compatible?

  • Will the project have any environmental effects? What will those effects be? What level of environmental review must occur?

  • Can the proposed use adequately be served by existing public facilities and services (for example, police and fire protection, parking and roads)?

Application Information

To file an application please take a few minutes to review Development Application and Building Permit Processing Timelines.  This document will provide you with an overview our process and processing times. To apply for a Development Plan or Development Plan Amendment you will need to download the following documents:   

We encourage all applicants to contact the Planning Services Division to schedule a meeting prior to filing your application. This will provide us with an opportunity to review the appropriate forms, discuss the process, including environmental review, the necessary committee and commission meetings, projected timelines any potential issues and answer questions you might have. We may be reached at (925) 973-2560.



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