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Step 1: File Application/Application Fee

If you are able to meet the aforementioned conditions, you should file an application at Planning Services for a Home Occupation Permit (including a written description of your proposed business) along with a completed City Business License application and pay the required Home Occupation permit fee of $100. (Note: The property owner/managers signature is recommended on the application form if you are a renter.)

Step 2: Zoning Administrator (ZA) Review

Upon deeming an application complete, the Zoning Administrator (ZA) will determine the compatibility of the business with a residential neighborhood. If the business is determined appropriate based on the required operating performance standards of the Zoning Ordinance, the ZA will approve the application and sign-off on the business license to operate a home-based business. Alternatively, if the ZA determines that the business cannot meet the required operating performance standards of the Zoning Ordinance, then the HOP application may be denied. If the ZA deems necessary, he/she will require a public hearing for an application. All decisions by the ZA may be appealed to the Planning Commission. If a home occupation is not operated in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance regulations, the permit may be revoked by the ZA.

Step 3: Business License/Home Occupation Permit Approval

When your application is approved, you will receive a copy of the Conditions of Approval for your records. At this time your Business License application will be forwarded to the Finance Department. Your Business License will be mailed to you within ten (10) working days; you will be billed annually for the Business License renewal by the Finance Department. Typically, the processing time for the HOP and Business License is 2 weeks; additional time is required if a public hearing is requested.

Step 4: Website Posting

On a monthly basis, staff will post a list of all HOP applications that have been filed and approved in the previous month on the City’s website, and on City public notice boards. The notice would include the applicant’s name, business type, and location.



The Home Occupation Permit remains in effect as long as you meet all conditions set forth in the approved permit, and as long as you remain at the same location. Should you move and relocate within the City of San Ramon, you will be required to reapply for the Home Occupation Permit and Business License; then the process is repeated. The permit can be revoked if Staff finds that any conditions are not being met. A Business License will not be issued or renewed without a Home Occupation Permit approval.


In some instances, a Building, Police, Fire Department, or Health Department permit is also required. Staff will advise you.



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