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Residential Additions, Improvements, and New Constructions

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  1. Introduction
  2. Architectural Review Requirements
  3. Design Review Process Summary
  4. Design Review Criteria
  5. Required Items for Architectural Review
  6. Sample Conditions of Approval
    Sample Elevations (pdf)

II. Architectural Review Requirements:

Additions and exterior improvements to your home require Architectural Review and approval by the Zoning Administrator prior to issuance of building permits. Architectural Review is required to verify not only compliance with the Zoning Ordinance, but also aesthetic quality of the proposed improvements. A separate Architectural Review application is required unless the Zoning Administrator determines that Architectural Review can be conducted in association with a Building Permit review. There are two types of Architectural Review processes depending on the magnitude of the proposed improvements.

A. Administrative Architectural Review

An administrative Architectural Review application is required for the residential improvements listed below. If a proposed improvement is determined, in the opinion of the Zoning Administrator, to be minor in nature and does not cause a significant visual impact, an administrative Architectural Review is conducted in association with the Building Permit plan check review process.

  1. Additions to existing single-family dwellings.
    1. Single-story additions to existing single-family dwelling units; and
    2. Second story additions to existing two-story single-family dwelling units.
  2. Exterior modifications and repairs (e.g., balconies, doors, exterior siding, skylights, solar panels, windows, etc.);
  3. Architectural projections into yards (e.g., bay windows, fireplace chimneys, stairs or landings, etc.);
  4. Accessory structures (e.g., arbors, balconies, carports, decks, gazebos, greenhouses, patio covers and enclosures, storage sheds, trellises, etc.);
  5. Decorative mail boxes and columns located in front yards;
  6. Retaining walls; and
  7. Good neighbor fence that is taller than six feet

The Zoning Administrator could defer any Administrative Architectural Review projects to the Architectural Review Board for their review if the proposed improvements were determined, in the opinion of the Zoning Administrator, to be major in nature and/or would cause a significant visual impact.

B. Review by the Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Other residential improvements not listed above in Section A are subject to the review by the ARB. The ARB will review the application at a scheduled meeting and make a recommendation to the Zoning Administrator for the final decision. The following is a sample of improvements that would require review by the ARB:

  • Two-story additions to existing single-story single-family dwelling units;
  • New single-family dwelling units;
  • Second story additions that result in creation of a second unit; and
  • Major improvements on the front elevation of single-family dwelling units



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