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Residential Additions, Improvements, and New Constructions

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  1. Introduction
  2. Architectural Review Requirements
  3. Design Review Process Summary
  4. Design Review Criteria
  5. Required Items for Architectural Review
  6. Sample Conditions of Approval
    Sample Elevations (pdf)

VI. Sample Conditions of Approval

The following is a list of standard conditions of approval typically applicable to most of the home improvements and addition projects:

  1. Prior to any construction, the applicant shall submit building plans and obtain all necessary building permits from the Building and Safety Services.

  2. The building permit plans for the construction authorized by the Architectural Review approval shall be in substantial conformance with the project plans filed with the application unless modified by the conditions herein.

  3. The design approval shall expire one year from the date of approval if building permits have not been issued. The applicant may apply for a one-year extension prior to the expiration of this entitlement.

  4. The Planning Services shall review and approve all building permit plans for exterior modifications or change of uses prior to building permit issuance.

  5. Any new improvements not shown on the approved plans shall require review and approval by the Planning Service Division prior to issuance of necessary building permits.

  6. Any changes and modifications not identified by the conditions herein shall require review and approval the Planning Service Division prior to the issuance of necessary building permits and/or building permit revision.

  7. The maximum number of bedrooms allowed in a residence with a two-car garage is four and that with a three-car garage is five pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance Section D3-28.

  8. If the interior wall(s) of the existing garage would have to be reconstructed for structural reasons and if the interior dimension of the existing garage was substandard, necessary adjustments to the proposed improvements would be required to achieve the minimum standard garage size pursuant to the Section D3-35. A minimum interior dimension of a 2-car garage is 20 feet wide and 22 feet deep with a 16-foot door opening or two 9-foot door openings.

ATTACHMENTS: Examples of Site Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, and Sections (pdf)



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