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Land use planning tools come in many forms. Specific plans set planning policies for an area in the community.

General Concepts

A document called the “general plan” establishes the overall framework for development. It provides a long-term vision for the community’s growth. That vision includes goals, policies and maps to guide decision-making on zoning and specific projects. General plans cover all land in a jurisdiction.

Specific plans cover smaller areas. They say what land uses can occur in the area. They set limits on how much building can go on sites (known as the “intensity” of development) and what structures will look like. Other topics include plans for public facilities to serve the area and how those will be paid for. Specific plans guide zoning rules, subdivisions, public facilities, and future development agreements for a given area.

Decision-Making Process

Decision-makers want to hear from those who have opinions or information about whether to approve or change specific plan. If you want to share your thoughts, see “Preparing for Public Hearings” on the back of this sheet for some tips.

You may also click over a mapped area to view the Specific Plans:

Specific Plans Map Northwest Specific Plan Specific Plans Map Dougherty Valley Specific Plan Crow Canyon Specific Plan ncrsp

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