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San Ramon Logo Typical Building Permit Review Process 


A building permit application is submitted to the Building and Safety Services Division.  Upon receiving the application, the plans are routed to three City divisions to conduct plan check reviews: 

  1. Planning Division for Zoning Code compliance, including, administrative architectural review by Planning Staff. Mores substantial projects may require Architectural Review Board review and approval.
  2. Building and Safety Division for Building Code compliance
  3. Engineering Division for Engineering code compliance. 

If an applicant is within an area with a Home Owner’s Association, the applicant is encouraged to obtain any necessary reviews or approvals prior to building permit issuance.  The City does not enforce Homeowner Association (HOA) standards however failure to comply with required CC&R’s can result in substantial delays and the potential for litigation by the HOA.   Within 10 business days, plan check comments (if any) are provided back to the applicant for them to address.  Once the applicant addresses all the plan check comments to the satisfaction of all three Divisions and has paid all plan check and permit fees, the building permit is ready for issuance.  After the permit is issued, the applicant begins construction and a series of inspections are made by the City to make sure the project plans are being adhered to.  When construction is completed, a final inspection is required and the permit is signed-off provided the project has been built in accordance to the approved plans.

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