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Planning Commission

February 5, 2013

Chairperson Dennis Viers  ·  Vice Chairperson Eric Wallis
  Jeanne Benedetti, Planning Commissioner · Donna Kerger, Planning Commissioner
Harry Sachs, Planning Commissioner

San Ramon Council Chamber
2222 Camino Ramon  

Regular Meeting – 7:00 P.M.

Documents received after publication of this Agenda and considered by the Planning Services Division in its deliberation will be available for inspection in the Planning Services Division office at 2401 Crow Canyon Place, San Ramon during normal business hours and in the red binder
at the Planning Commission meeting.

assist you in preparing your testimony, please review the Planning Commission’s guidelines

Suggestions for Providing Effective Testimony at a Planning Commission Public Hearing.

Agenda Questions: Please Call the Planning Services Division (925) 973-2560


Call to Order/Roll Call


Pledge of Allegiance


Review of the Proposed Zoning Ordinanace Changes
Staff Report - Open Space Task Force
Staff Report - Text Amendment

  • Raising of Chickens
  • Bee Kepping
  • Providing Educational Services with Home Occupation Permit
  • Operating a Cottage Food Industry


Questons and Answers


Wrap-up/Next Steps



I hereby certify the attached Planning Commission agenda was posted 72 hours before the noted Commission meeting:

City Clerk Signature


Date: January 29, 2013



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