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Minutes of the
February 17, 2009 Meeting

A regular meeting of the Planning Commission, City of San Ramon was called to order by Chair Patrino at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 17, 2009 in the Council Chambers 2222 Camino Ramon, San Ramon


Present: Comms. Kerger, Viers, Sachs, O’Loane, Chair Patrino

Absent: None

Staff: Phil Wong, Planning Director; Debbie Chamberlain, Planning Services Manager; Alicia Poon, Staff Attorney; Lauren Barr, Senior Planner; Brian Bornstein, Senior Engineer; Luisa Willnecker; Recording Secretary

Audience: 31






6.1 Minutes from the January 20, 2009 meeting. Approved 5-0 Vote

6.2 Minutes from the December 16, 2008 Joint City Council/ Planning Commission meeting.
Approved 4-0-1 Vote; Chair Patrino Abstained


9.1 Trumark Medical Office: Development Plan (DP 08-300-018); Land Use Permit (LUP 08-500-049); Initial Study (IS 08-250-008); Minor Subdivision (MS 08-910-001); Land Use Permit (LUP 08-500-018). Project Planner: Lauren Barr, Senior Planner.

9.2 Church of the Nazarene Expansion: Development Plan Application (DPA 08-310-004; Architectural Review (AR 08-200-039); Land Use Permit (LUP 08-500-044). Project Planner: Lauren Barr, Senior Planner

Senior Planner Lauren Barr gave a brief PowerPoint presentation on the Trumark Medical Office and Church of the Nazarene Expansion. Mr. Barr stated that the applicant is requesting approval of an approximately 46,000 square foot 35 feet in height medical office building which includes an underground parking garage, surface parking and landscape site improvements. The church expansion consists of two phases that totals 37,000 square feet expansion to the existing church facility. Church facilities include a new sanctuary, offices, classrooms, related landscape, and site improvements. In the interim between phase one and two the area within the phase two building footprint will be developed and landscaped as a community garden. Mr. Barr added that the proposed landscape plan for the medical building consists of a variety of trees, a large island landscape separating the two levels of parking with perimeter trees along the road and a light well courtyard. Mr. Barr further added that both projects are proposing shared parking and currently there are 269 spaces being provided. Mr. Barr also added that the hearing notice was sent out to all property owners within 1,000 feet of the subject property and the Vista San Ramon neighborhood. In addition, the applicant has also conducted several meetings and outreach to the Homeowners Association (HOA).

Ron Winter representing Trumark Commercial stated that Trumark has held meetings with the neighbors of Vista San Ramon community. Mr. Winter added that Trumark Commercial is working with the architects and engineers to screen the view of the building from the neighbors. Mr. Winter further added that the medical building would be an asset to the surrounding area.

Vice Chair O’Loane asked Mr. Winter how many physicians would be occupying the office space. Mr. Winter replied that approximately 20 physicians.

Comm. Kerger expressed her disappointment that photo simulations had not been presented showing the view of the project from the neighborhood. Comm. Kerger asked how far away the closest home is to the project. Mr. Winter replied 150 feet. Comm. Kerger further asked Mr. Winter if he has spoken to the property owners from the Canyon Lakes community. Mr. Winter replied yes and that the residents would not be able to see the building due to the hill.

Jessica Rosemen – Project Manager for Trumark Commercial stated that several renderings from the neighborhood were done and did not get included in the presentation but will be available for the next meeting.

Comm. Sachs stated that the houses on Lynbrook Drive would be impacted the most and he inquired as to the size of trees being used for screening. Mr. Winter replied that 24-inch box trees were being proposed. Mr. Winter added that the landscape maintenance for the medical building and the church would be handled by a Homeowners Association. Comm. Sachs expressed his concern about how the tree roots would impact the V-ditch. Mr. Winter replied that root barriers and irrigation tubes are being installed to prevent the roots from growing to the surface and impacting the V-ditch.

David Smith – Architect for Church of the Nazarene – stated that they have had several meetings with the Vista San Ramon community. Mr. Smith added that the church has offered to do a line of sight simulation to show what the project impact would be to the adjacent residential property

Comm. Kerger stated that the Architectural Review Board (ARB) recommend seven changes to the project, including replacing the roof on the existing building and which ones did he plan on incorporating. Mr. Smith replied that with phase two the existing building would be re-roofed to match the new building. Comm. Kerger expressed her concern about the impact the construction would have on the community between the two phases and asked Mr. Smith what the time line of the project was. Mr. Smith replied five to ten years.

Vice Chair O’Loane asked Mr. Smith what drives the timing of the second phase. Mr. Smith replied financing and church growth. Vice Chair O’Loane further asked if the replacement of the roof was contingent on the second phase moving forward. Mr. Smith replied that the church agreed with the City to replace the roof prior to or with phase 2.

Fred Hull – Project Manager for Church of the Nazarene stated that the timing of the first and second phase depends upon the growth of the church. Mr. Hull added that the goal of the church is to build the first phase and configure the spaces for growth over a long period of time. The roof on the existing church building was installed years ago. Vice Chair O’Loane asked about the seating capacity. Mr. Smith replied about 500 people.

Chair Patrino opened the public hearing.

Tib Csabai- San Ramon stated that his residence is directly behind the proposed medical building. Mr. Csabai further stated that mature landscaping be used for screening. Mr. Csabai suggested that bollard lighting be used instead of the proposed lighting.

Yvonne Rhoton – San Ramon did not wish to speak. Chair Patrino read her speaker card into the record. Ms. Rhoton Board Member stated her concerns are that the Architectural Review Board (ARB) was not aware of the V-ditch while reviewing tree selections along the V-ditch.

Stephen Buckser- San Ramon stated his concerns about flooding below the medical office building.

Catherine Grijalva – San Ramon stated her concerns that their property value would decline due to the project. Ms. Grijalva further added that late night deliveries to the San Ramon Medical Center can be heard from her home and she feels by adding another medical building would only add to the noise.

Comm. Kerger asked Ms. Grijalva how she felt about the retaining wall. Ms. Grijalva replied that the retaining wall would keep the parking lot lights from coming into their bedroom window

Randy Mull – Homeowners Association member for Vista San Ramon – stated that the garbage pickup hours of operation start at 5:30 a.m. and feels that should be looked into. Mr. Mull added by building another medical center the noise level would increase. Mr. Mull also added his concerns about the lights in the building being on late at night as the janitorial staff clean the office building.

Vice Chair O’Loane asked Mr. Mull what he thought were reasonable hours of operation. Mr. Mull replied 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. Vice Chair O’Loane further asked Mr. Mull if he was in favor of bollard lighting. Mr. Mull replied yes, and added that the backside of the church is very dark and feels that security lighting should be considered.

David Steinhart – San Ramon stated that he has been the pastor at Christ Community Church for twelve years and is favor of the project.

Comm. Kerger asked Mr. Steinhart if Christ Community Church would allow another denomination use their facility when it is not being used. Mr. Steinhart replied yes and that they are currently allowing other denominations to use their facilities.

Comm. Viers asked Mr. Steinhart if a childcare facility is being proposed. Mr. Steinhart replied no and only religious activities are held on the weeknights and Sunday mornings.

Comm. Sachs asked Mr. Steinhart about the church lighting issues. Mr. Steinhart replied that he would defer the question to Mr. Hull project manager for the church. Mr. Hull replied that they are currently looking at lighting and will need to coordinate its location and design so it is not intrusive to the neighbors. Comm. Sachs further asked if the church was looking at security cameras as part of their plan. Mr. Hull replied no.

Comm. Kerger asked about the location of the air conditioning units. Mr. Hull replied that the church would have two units, which would be located on the rooftop with the blower units located in the basement area of the church. Comm. Kerger further asked how the units would be camouflaged. Mr. Barr replied that the air conditioning equipment is hidden behind a mansard roof.

Gregg Brown – San Ramon member of Vista San Ramon Homeowners Association Board expressed his concerns about the height of the medical building and that construction could potentially cause earth movement of the existing slope. Mr. Brown stated that he also has concerns about the v-ditch and concerns about parking.

Comm. Kerger stated that any earth movement in the area would be taken care of prior to building.

Chair Patrino asked for clarification from Mr. Brown on parking issues and did he mean neighborhood parking. Mr. Brown replied that he was concerned about the medical office parking. If the parking lot was full patients would park their vehicles in the Vista San Ramon community.

David Bluestein- San Ramon stated that he is against the project. Mr. Bluestein suggested reducing the building height. Mr. Bluestein further suggested that mature landscaping be proposed to provide immediate screening to soften the view from the Vista San Ramon community. Mr. Bluestein added that a visual rendering be provided for the homeowners.

Chair Patrino closed the public hearing.

Planning Manager Debbie Chamberlain clarified that the public hearing is closed for comment tonight, but the public hearing will remain open at the next scheduled meeting.

Comm. Kerger asked for clarification on the gardens and if the art feature would be located behind a wall. Mr. Barr replied it would be located within the landscape area adjacent to the medical building and visible from the parking lot and hospital access road. Comm. Kerger asked if any mechanical equipment would be located on the rooftop. Mr. Barr replied yes and that a mechanical enclosure located on top of the building is within the 32 inch height limit. Comm. Kerger further asked if it covered the rooftop. Mr. Barr replied no

Vice Chair O’Loane stated that he would prefer to see a visual simulation with the mechanical equipment from all angles.

Comm. Sachs stated that mature trees be provided for immediate screening. Comm. Sachs further stated that he would be prefer to see bollard lighting for the parking lot. Comm. Sachs added that Waste Management might have a different agreement with commercial pickup and that the City might not have any jurisdiction. Comm. Sachs suggested that timers or motion detectors be put into place for nighttime janitorial service.

Vice Chair O’Loane asked for clarification on the traffic study. Mr. Barr stated that the traffic study has been completed and is part of the Negative Deceleration that will be circulated for public review. Mr. Barr further added that there are approximately 2,000 trips throughout the day with no level of service violations.

Comm. Viers stated that the trees in the front parking lot and in front of the building need to be mature and block must of the view of the office building. Comm. Viers also stated that the comments raised regarding the V-ditch need to be addressed. Comm. Viers further stated that he would prefer to see a solid wall with mature trees along the fence line. Comm. Viers stated that he would also prefer to see bollard lighting in the parking lot. Comm. Viers stated his concerns about garbage pickup noise and asked the planning staff to look into the matter. Comm. Viers added his concerns about the hours of construction.

Chair Patrino stated that he would like see more mature trees. Chair Patrino also stated that he would like to see renderings of the project. Chair Patrino further stated that the proposed wall and trees need to installed to mitigate the noise concerns. Chair Patrino also added that the air conditioning units, the view, noise and the V-ditch maintenance should be taken into consideration. Chair Patrino added that he would prefer to see bollard lighting.

It was moved by Commissioner Viers and second by Commissioner Sachs that the Planning Commission move to reconvene on the Trumark Medical Office Building and in conjunction with the Church of the Nazarene facility to date certain April 7, 2009.

AYES: Comm. Viers, Sachs, Kerger, O’Loane and Chair Patrino

NOES: None




There being no further discussion, Chair Patrino adjourned the meeting at 9:15 p.m

Respectively Submitted, Luisa Willnecker



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