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April 6, 2010

A regular meeting of the Planning Commission, City of San Ramon was called to order by Chair O’Loane at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 6, 2010 in the Council Chambers 2222 Camino Ramon, San Ramon.


Present:           Comms. Kerger, Viers, Wallis, Vice Chair Sachs, and Chair O’Loane

Absent              None          

Staff:  Phil Wong, Planning Director; Debbie Chamberlain, Planning   Services Manager; Cindy Yee, Associate Planner; Roger Peters Interim City Attorney; Lieutenant Gresham; Luisa Willnecker, Recording Secretary.

Audience:     1

 1.        CALL TO ORDER

 2.        ROLL CALL



 5.        ADDITIONS AND REVISIONS           

6.1 Minutes from March 16, 2010 meeting approved with modifications.  


 8.        CONTINUED ITEMS – OPEN PUBLIC HEARING -None-                      


10.1 2010 Annual Report – General Plan 2020 Implementation and Work Plan Schedule. Staff Report by: Cindy M. Yee; Associate Planner.

Associate Planner Cindy Yee gave a brief summary on the General Plan 2020 Implementation and Work Plan Schedule.  Ms. Yee stated that every year the Planning Department presents a work program and summary of the work which has been completed on the implementation of the General Plan in the past year.  Ms. Yee added that within the last year two General Plan amendments were prepared and adopted. One was the update to the Housing Element and the second was the consolidated General Plan amendment that updated the Growth Management Element along with policy changes in the Land Use Element as well as the Land Used Map.   Ms. Yee further added that year to date the City has not approved any new General Plan amendments but currently processing one consolidated General Plan amendment which has two amendment applications.  One application is the five-year update to the General Plan update, the second is the proposal for a Land Use designation change at the El Nido site from Parks to Multi-Family High-Density residential located on San Ramon Valley Boulevard. Ms. Yee also added that the high priority goals for the upcoming fiscal year include completing the five-year General Plan update, the preparation of the North Camino Ramon Specific Plan, and the completion of the Municipal Service Review, the Sphere of Influence modification and implementation of various specific plans which include the Crow Canyon Specific Plan, Northwest Specific Plan, and the City Center project.

Vice Chair Sachs stated that the Crow Canyon Specific Plan was approved by the City five years ago and has there been any developers interested in the area. Vice Chair Sachs asked what is the typical time frame for implementing a plan of this nature.

e Chamberlain replied that the Crow Canyon Specific Plan was approved in 2006. Activity has been seen in that area but the current economy has slowed down the development. Ms. Chamberlain added that the City is working with a developer on the City’s catalyst site to construct affordable housing. Inquires have been made on the Harris property and Jeff’s Kitchen. Ms. Chamberlain also added that planning staff is currently processing San Ramon Plaza, a 14,000 square foot of retail development at the site of Budget Rental Car. Ms. Chamberlain further added that the City has worked with the Outpost, Windmill Farms and Jeff’s Kitchen on re-developing the area. The direction from Redevelopment Agency is to require a conceptual master plan for this area prior to moving forward with an application. Ms. Chamberlain stated that a redevelopment plan takes 15-25 years to implement.

Comm. Kerger stated that developers who come in and develop in the Outpost/Windmill Farms area need to have a master plan and other interested developers.

Ms. Chamberlain stated that in the past potential developers were looking at developing the Outpost property as retail or mixed use. With support of the Redevelopment Agency staff would ask the developer to identify what could potentially occur on the adjacent parcels and, how their project would preserve internal pedestrian and vehicle connectivity. One developer could proceed with development of just one parcel.

Vice Chair Sachs asked about the City’s catalyst site and have any developers come forward with commitments.

Ms. Chamberlain replied that the City is working with a developer on the plans for the catalyst site. Ms. Chamberlain added that the site is 1.3-acres and 55 unit of housing and 13,000 square feet of retail are anticipated under the Crow Canyon Specific Plan.  

Vice Chair Sachs questioned how does requirement for a traffic study for a project that generates 50 PM trips impact the Climate Action Plan (CAP).

Ms. Chamberlain replied that Contra Costa Transportation Authority requires a traffic study for projects that generate 500 or more PM trips. The City has a higher threshold by requiring a traffic study at 50 PM peak trips to monitor operational effectives of impacted intersections.  

Typically a transit oriented project such as the North Camino Ramon Specific Plan, would reduce vehicle miles traveled and GHG emissions.

Vice Chair Sachs stated that the City is in the process of updating the General Plan and asked about the City’s relationship with other agencies.  

Ms. Chamberlain replied that the General Plan 2030 proposes adjustments to the Urban Growth Boundary which includes a portion of the Tassajara Valley.  City of San Ramon, Town of Danville, and Contra Costa County discussed and have tentatively agreed where the Sphere of Influence would be. Ms. Chamberlain added the City’s Sphere of Influence is west of Tassajara Road, east of Tassajara Road would remain with Contra Costa County and north of the area is Alamo Creek development and the northern portion of New Farm would be going into the Town of Danville Sphere of Influence. Ms. Chamberlain further added that a proposal was presented to Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) in March. Each jurisdiction is updating their General Plan which includes the Sphere of Influence amendment and LAFCO would be taking action this fall when the environmental documents have been certified.

Chair O’Loane asked do policies such as the construction of Shoreline Drive, once implemented, are they removed from the General Plan.

Ms. Chamberlain replied since it is an adopted policy, the policy cannot be removed until the General Plan is amended and it is determined the policy is no longer needed.

Chair O’Loane asked for recommendation from the Planning Commission.

Comm. Kerger recommended that the Planning Commission accept the staff report and forward to the City Council for their consideration. The recommendation was seconded by Comm. Wallis.


There being no further discussion, Chair O’Loane adjourned the meeting at 7:25 p.m.

Respectively Submitted, Luisa Willnecker











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