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October 5, 2010

A regular meeting of the Planning Commission, City of San Ramon was called to order by Vice Chair Sachs at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, October 5, 2010 in the Council Chambers 2222 Camino Ramon, San Ramon.


Present:          Comms. Benedetti, Viers, Wallis, Chair Sachs

Absent            Vice Chair Kerger

Staff:  Phil Wong, Planning Director; Debbie Chamberlain, Planning Services Division Manager; Alicia Poon, Deputy City Attorney; Ryan Driscoll, Assistant Planner; Luisa Amerigo, Recording Secretary

Audience:     3

1. CALL TO ORDER                





6.1 Minutes from the July 6, 2010 meeting. Continued to the next scheduled meeting

6.2 Minutes from the September 7, 2010 meeting.  Approved


8.CONTINUED ITEMS – OPEN PUBLIC HEARING -None-                        

9. PUBLIC HEARING – NEW ITEMS 9. 1 Clearwire at Devil Mountain Nursery 9885 Alcosta Blvd (LUP 10-500-002)   Project Planner: Ryan Driscoll, Assistant Planner

Assistant Planner Ryan Driscoll gave a PowerPoint presentation and stated that tonight’s application is the Clearwire at Devil Mountain Nursery. The applicant is proposing to co-locate a new Clearwire wireless telecommunication facility mounted on an existing PG&E tower. Mr. Driscoll stated that the subject tower is the farthest distance from any residence among other towers in the surrounding vicinity. Mr. Driscoll added that the proposed facility would include three panel antennas, three 2-ft. diameter microwave dish antennas, three 2-ft. microwave dish antennas, and three radio head units mounted 42-46-ft above grade on the existing 119-ft tall lattice tower. The equipment cabinet is enclosed within an existing Sprint-Nextel equipment shelter. Mr. Driscoll further added that the applicant agreed to contribute $25,000, which would be due prior to the issuance of building permits.

Comm. Viers asked if other funds were available in addition to the $25,000 landscaping contribution. Mr. Driscoll replied yes from previous applications. Comm. Viers further asked which section of the PG&E corridor would be landscaped first. Mr. Driscoll replied that staff has not determined which portion would be landscaped.

Chair Sachs asked about the Shot Clock Ruling and if any amendments were needed to the resolution. Planning Services Division Manager Debbie Chamberlain replied that the attached resolution references the Shot Clock time limits and no additional amendments are needed. 

Comm. Benedetti asked if the applicant had proper licensing with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).  Mr. Driscoll replied yes.

Chair Sachs opened the public hearing.

Dan Burke Representative for Clearwire stated that the request is to co-locate a fourth carrier site on an existing PG&E tower. Mr. Burke added that three other carriers currently operate on the tower and that the site from a visual prospective is minimal. Mr. Burke further added that a community meeting was held with the surrounding property owners.

Comm. Benedetti asked about the installation timeline. Mr. Burke replied that Clearwire has introduced a new network called “Commercial Launch” which is scheduled to start immediately.

Comm. Viers asked for clarification on how the proposed technology compares to the existing facilities on the tower concerning radio frequency emissions.  Mr. Burke summarized the operation of the technology and clarified that the antennas would not exceed the FCC’s public exposure limit for radio frequency emissions. 

Christa Freihofner – San Ramon stated that proposed site is the furthest from the closet homes and four carriers should be the limit. Ms. Freihofner also stated that the PG&E corridor landscaping needs to commence.

Chair Sachs closed the public hearing.

Comm. Benedetti stated that the request to co-locate a new wireless telecommunication facility at the PG&E corridor has the least impact to the residents. Comm. Benedetti added that she would like to see the landscaping commence along the PG&E corridor.

Comm. Wallis stated that adding onto an existing structure where it is not visible is a solution for the needs of Clearwire and the community.

Comm. Viers stated that the antennas are integrated well and feels that four carriers should be the limit.

Chair Sachs stated that he would like to look into having a study session to discuss the PG&E corridor landscaping.

Christa Freihofner stated that the master landscaping plans for the PG&E corridor are available.

Ms. Chamberlain added that the concerns in the past have been the cost of an East Bay Mud (EBMUD) water meter. Ms. Chamberlain further added that the use of reclaimed water might help reduce the cost of the water meter fees. Ms. Chamberlain also added that Interim Parks Director Karen McNamara is aware of the landscaping project and staff will be discussing a time frame. The landscaping project will need to be part of a Capital Improvement Project (CIP), which requires City Council authorization.

It was moved by Commissioner Viers and seconded by Commissioner Wallis that the Planning Commission approves LUP 10-500-002 authorizing Clearwire to co-locate a wireless telecommunication facility and adopt Resolution No 12-10 with Conditions of approval as amended.

AYES:  Comms. Viers, Wallis, Benedetti, Chair Sachs

NOES: None


ABSENT: Vice Chair Kerger      


11. STUDY SESSION/COMMISSIONER LIAISON REPORT AND INTEREST ITEMS/STAFF REPORTS.            11.1 Overview of Building and Safety Division Code Enforcement Programs. Item 11.1 will return at a later date.                           

There being no further discussion, Chair Sachs adjourned the meeting at 7:45 p.m.           

Respectively Submitted, Luisa Amerigo











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