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May 17, 2011

A regular meeting of the Planning Commission for the City of San Ramon was called to order by Chair Sachs at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 17, 2011 in the Council Chambers 2222 Camino Ramon, San Ramon.


Present:  Commissioners Benedetti, Viers, Wallis, Chair Sachs

Absent:    Vice Chair Kerger            

Staff:        Phil Wong, Planning Director; Ryan Driscoll, Assistant Planner; Alicia Poon, Deputy City Attorney; Luisa Amerigo, Recording Secretary

Audience:     10

 1.      CALL TO ORDER                    

 2.       ROLL CALL


Mayor Wilson thanked Planning Service for their work on the General Plan 2030.



6.1 Minutes from the May 3, 2011 meeting.  Approved as written.         


8.    CONTINUED ITEMS – OPEN PUBLIC HEARING -None-                                    

9.1 ABC Pet Clinic (DP 11-300-002, AR 11-200-024, MUP 11-501-009, VAR 11-320-002, and VAR 11-320-003). Staff Report by: Ryan Driscoll, Assistant Planner

Ryan Driscoll, Assistant Planner gave a PowerPoint Presentation and stated that the applicant is proposing the redevelopment of an existing 7,429 square foot parcel for an Animal Clinic. Mr. Driscoll explained that the site was originally developed through Contra Costa County in 1969. The most recent commercial use was Jeff’s Kitchen which occupied the building until 2009.  Mr. Driscoll also explained that the existing 2,000 square foot building, paved driveway and parking area, an underground septic tank, various sheds, and landscaping would be demolished and replaced with a  new two-story 2,960 square foot building, a 7-space parking lot, and a new driveway.

Mr. Driscoll added that the Architectural Review Board (ARB) provided comments on the site layout, design, and landscaping and suggested reducing the driveway width to 24 feet to provide a 6 foot pedestrian path along the driveway with landscape pots to soften the building’s south elevation. The ARB also suggested integrating the public art feature into a future monument sign, provide wall sconces, on the south and east elevations, paint the lower portion of the building a darker color to define the base of the building, provide a hose bib on the second floor balcony, and place additional landscaping in the north-west corner of the property.

The applicant in response to the ARB comments is requesting to reduce the driveway to 24 ft. wide, provide a 4 ft. wide sidewalk and increase the building width by 2 ft, with no increase in total square footage of the building. The parking requirements remain the same and there is no additional encroachment into the front yard setback.

Commissioner Viers asked if public notices were sent out to the surrounding property owners and if staff had received any comments back.

Mr. Driscoll replied yes and that staff had not received any comments.  He did speak to the property owner at 2257 San Ramon Valley Boulevard.

Commissioner Viers asked if any surgeries would take place on the premises. Mr. Driscoll replied that overnight boarding is not permitted but the applicant would be able to answer his question.

Chair Sachs asked Mr. Driscoll if the project falls under the CalGreen Standards Code. Mr. Driscoll replied yes.

Phil Wong, Planning Director added that the CalGreen Code became effective January 2011 and therefore, the project is in compliance.

Chair Sachs asked if the pet clinic would be 24-hours.  Mr. Driscoll replied no.

Commissioner Benedetti asked for clarification on a Condition of Approval requiring the recordation of a deed restriction prior to occupancy and did this have to do with the second story being limited to storage until Phase Two is built out.  Mr. Driscoll replied yes.

Commissioner Benedetti confirmed that the application is governed under the General Plan 2020.  Mr. Driscoll replied yes.

Chair Sachs asked Mr. Driscoll for clarification if the second story was restricted for commercial uses only. Mr. Driscoll replied yes.

Chair Sachs opened the public hearing

William Wood, William Wood Architects - stated that the existing use of the facilities would not change but would be upgraded so the applicant would have to room to function.  Mr. Wood added that the project is a quality project and would be an asset for the site as well as the surrounding area.  Mr. Wood added that the applicant would be returning to the Planning Commission in the future with a monument sign, integrating in the Public Art. Mr. Wood further added that the second story addition would remain as storage and not used as office space until the second phase of the project is completed.

Raj Aulakh, Applicant - stated that he has been working in San Ramon for 11 years.  Mr. Aulakh explained that the reason for relocating his business is that the current building is old, small with a low ceiling, and  is starting to shift because of the 680-Freeway, and has  limited parking spaces. Mr. Aulakh stated that there would be no overnight boarding and when the second phase is constructed, he may remodel the second floor for a commercial use.

Commissioner Benedetti stated she was pleased to see Mr. Aulakh take advantage of expanding the size of the building by 2 ft.

Roz Rogoff, San Ramon stated that she is in favor of the Animal Clinic and that she is a foster for the Save Cats Foundation and prior to that she also worked with Tri-Valley Animal Rescue. Ms. Rogoff stated that Dr. Aulakh has been supporting the animal rescue groups and does low cost spays and neutering. Ms. Rogoff further stated that Dr. Aulakh has reasonable rates and if any of the animals are injured, they are taken to Dr. Aulakh clinic for treatment.

William Wood stated that the second floor was designed to give a commercial effect. If Mr. Aulakh decides to use the space for commercial use it would work well. Mr. Wood also added that no mechanical equipment would be seen from the rooftop.

Chair Sachs was pleased to hear that no mechanical equipment would be seen from the rooftop and that the project is located in the Crow Canyon Specific area and redevelopment of the site is an asset to the surrounding area.

It was moved by Commissioner Benedetti and seconded by Commissioner Wallis that the Planning Commission approves Development Plan application DP 11-300-002, Architectural Review application AR 11-200-024, Minor Use Permit application MUP 11-501-009, and Variance applications VAR 11-320-002 and VAR 11-320-003, to construct the ABC Pet Clinic project located at 2259 San Ramon Valley Boulevard and adopt Resolution No. 10-11 subject to the Conditions of Approval as written.

AYES:   Commissioner Benedetti, Wallis, Viers, Chair Sachs

NOES:   None


ABSENT:  Vice Chair Kerger

Mr. Wong stated that the actions of the Planning Commission or any of the Commissions are appealable to the City Council. All appeals must be filed within ten days.

9.2  PZ 11-610-001; Dougherty Valley Annexation #13 (Gale Ranch Phase 3 portion). Staff Report by: Ryan Driscoll, Assistant Planner

Ryan Driscoll, Assistant Planner gave a PowerPoint Presentation and stated that tonight’s request is for Dougherty Valley Annexation #13, which is approximately 88.67 acres. This prezone encompasses approximately 88.67 acres located east of the City limit and known as Gale Ranch Phase 3. The prezone includes 355 housing units, the Quail Run Elementary School and the Dougherty Valley Service Center. The prezone will include approximately 71.33 acres to Planned Development (PD); 17.34 acres to the Public and Semi-Public (PS); including roadway right-of-way. Mr. Driscoll further stated that this portion of Gale Ranch Phase 3 has already been through the Architectural Review Board (ARB) process with the City.

Commissioner Wallis commented that he had attended the Parks and Community Services Meeting. The Parks Commission was  looking at a park which is adjacent to the annexed area.  Commissioner Wallis added that the entire park area is only 0.4 acres and is below our General Plan 2020 requirements. Residents commented that the park is too small. Commissioner Wallis further added that there are advantages in following our General Plan in terms of parks and developments.

It was moved by Commissioner Wallis and seconded by Commissioner Benedetti  that the Planning Commission finds that the annexation is covered under the Dougherty Valley Specific Plan Environmental Impact Report and San Ramon General Plan 2020 Environmental Impact Report and to adopt Resolution No. 11-11 (Attachment “A”) recommending that the City Council approve the prezoning of Dougherty Valley Annexation Area #13.

AYES:         Commissioner Wallis, Benedetti, Viers, Chair Sachs

NOES:          None

ABSTAIN:     None

ABSENT:       Vice Chair Kerger  

10.  NON-PUBLIC HEARING ACTION ITEMS                                                      


12.   ADJOURNMENT There being no further discussion, Chair Sachs adjourned the meeting
at 8:05 p.m.

Respectively Submitted, Luisa Amerigo  




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