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November 19, 2013

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A regular meeting of the Planning Commission for the City of San Ramon was called to order by Chair Wallis at 7:00 p.m., on Tuesday November 19, 2013 in the Council Chambers, 2222 Camino Ramon, San Ramon CA.


Present:   Commissioners; Kerger, Sachs, Viers, Vice Chair Benedetti, Chair Wallis

Absent:    None                 

Staff:  Phil Wong, Planning Director; Debbie Chamberlain, Planning Manager; Lauren Barr, Senior Planner; Cindy Yee, Associate Planner; Alicia Poon, Deputy City Attorney; Brian Bornstein; City Engineer; Chris Low; Assistant  Engineer; Luisa Amerigo Recording Secretary

Audience:    27

 1.  CALL TO ORDER                    


 3.  PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE               

4. PUBLIC COMMENTS OR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: At this time those in the audience are encouraged to address the Planning Commission on any item not already included in tonight’s agenda.  If possible, comments should not exceed five (5) minutes.


6.1 Minutes from the October 15, 2013 Planning Commission and Housing Advisory Committee workshop.  Approved as written. 




9.1 San Ramon Density Bonus Text Amendment (TA 13-410-003). Staff Report by: Cindy Yee, Associate Planner.

Associate Planner Cindy Yee, provided a Power Point Presentation and stated that this is a City initiated Zoning Text Amendment.

After hearing a presentation on the Density Bonus Text Amendment, the Planning Commission provided the following comments to staff.

The Planning Commission clarified that the State Law is incorporated into the Zoning Ordinance and supported the Density Bonus and Adoption of the Density Bonus Text Amendment as consistent with State Law.

Commissioner Sachs inquired if the the land transfer provisions would apply to the Faria Preserve project.  

San Ramon resident Robert Klingner stated he does not support the density bonus.

It was moved by Planning Commissioner Benedetti and seconded by Planning Commissioner Kerger that the Planning Commission approves Resolution No. 11-13 adopting an Addendum to Initial Study/Negative Declaration (12-250-001) and recommending City Council approval of Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment TA 13-410-003 to revise the Zoning Ordinance as proposed.

AYES:    Commissioners: Benedetti, Kerger, Sachs, Chair Wallis  

NOES:   None   

ABSENT: None  

ABSTAIN: None    

9.2 San Ramon Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment (TA 13-410-004). Staff Report by: Lauren Barr, Senior Planner

Senior Planner, Lauren Barr provided a PowerPoint presentation and added that this is a City initiated Zoning Text Amendment in response to the elimination of the Redevelopment Agency, a need to provide consistency between office uses in the City Center Mixed Use (CCMU) and the adjacent administrative Office districts, and other minor technical revisions and clarifications discovered during the course of administration and in response to regulatory needs.

Mr. Barr provided two minor corrections to the Tree Preservation and Protection standards and clarified enforcement provisions in response to Commissioner Kerger’s questions.

Commissioner Sachs asked for clarification on the Heliport use being added to the CCMU district.  Mr. Barr responded that the Heliport standards are in the Administration Office district and that staff did not selectively choose some uses over others, but rather included all the uses listed in the Administration Office district.

It was moved by Planning Commissioner Benedetti and seconded by Planning Commissioner Viers that the Planning Commission approves Resolution NO. 12-13 adopting an Addendum to Initial Study/Negative Declaration (12-250-001) and recommending City Council approval of Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment TA 13-410-004 to revise the Zoning Ordinance as proposed.

AYES:     Commissioners: Benedetti, Viers, Kerger, Sachs, Chair Wallis  

NOES:     None   

ABSENT:  None  

ABSTAIN: None    

9.3 Revised Faria Preserve Project (VTM 9242) DPA 12-310-003, MJ 12-900-002, AR 200-046 and IS 12-250-004.

Associate Planner, Cindy Yee provided a PowerPoint presentation regarding the history of the project and past approvals and stated that the applicant is requesting approval of the revised Faria Preserve project located on approximately 286.5 acres, comprised of a 740-unit residential subdivision turn-key 12.7 acre community park, a 0.5 acre rose garden, a parcel for a house of worship, a site for an education facility and community pool.

The Planning Commission asked for clarification about the school site that was part of the General Plan 2020 and was offered to the school district. Why it was not part of the current Faria Preserve Application.   Ms Yee responded that the District opted for the fees rather than the School site. Commissioner Kerger expressed concerns about how the school district fees are allocated. The Planning Commission also asked about the timing of the project.

An inquiry was made regarding what type of trees are being proposed and does the builder have a safeguard in place to avoid long-term damage. The Planning Commission commented that they do not want the same tree issues occurring in the Faria Preserve project as have occurred in Dougherty Valley.  

Concerns were also raised by the Planning Commission about how the City is safe guarded financially as far as Geologic Hazard and Abatement District (GHAD) funds in regards to geologic hazards. Adequate parking at the park site, the size of the proposed church site, traffic along Deerwood Road due to the relocated entrance and questioned  if it could  be routed to Purdue instead, and overcrowding of schools.

Robert Klingner thanked Mr. Toohey for the number of meetings he had held with the Home Owners Association and neighborhood meetings.  Mr. Klingner added that he has concerns about the traffic and school impacts, the high density of the project and that parking at the park site was not adequate.

Dennis Noh, a San Ramon resident, stated his concern about the entrance from Deerwood Road and would rather have the project entrance moved back to the original Purdue Road location.

Michael Jones a San Ramon resident stated his concern was the grading of the hills and the open space. He also provided comments on the original ridgeline grading exceptions in the General Plan 2020.

Planning Commission Sachs suggested that Neighborhood 5 be all Senior Housing units and that it be reduced from 312 -200 units. Commissioner Sachs asserted that this reduction would help with both the school and traffic concerns because of fewer units and the nature of senior housing

Chair Wallis stated that the applicant has the right to build the project and would like to see the footprint reduced. Chair Wallis also added that the City has no control over the school district and where schools are built.

There being no further discussion, Chair Wallis motioned to continue the public hearing to December 17, 2013.

AYES:    Commissioners:  Wallis, Viers, Benedetti, Kerger, Sachs  

NOES:    None   

ABSENT:  None  

ABSTAIN:  None    



There being no further discussion Chair Wallis adjourned the meeting at 10:15 p.m.   


Submitted by:Luisa Amerigo
Recording Secretary   


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