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San Ramon LogoFAQs: Property and Evidence

What should I do if my property is lost or stolen?

If your property has been lost or stolen in the City of San Ramon you can file a police report as soon as possible with the San Ramon Police Department. If you have a record of the serial number on the item(s) or if you have applied your own number, include that in your report. Lost or stolen item(s) that are reported with the serial number stand a far better chance of being returned to their owners.

I found an item and would like to turn it in, but can I claim it later?

When you have found something in the City of San Ramon and turn it into the police department; as the finder you have the right to fill out a Found Property Decleration. The police Department will hold a found item(s) for 90 days, when the 90 days is past you as the finder may contact the Property and Evidence Division to see if the item(s) remains unclaimed. The Property and Evidence Technician will advise you of the claim procedures at the time.

Can I look at your bikes to see if mine has been recovered?

Bike viewing is done by appointment only; Tuesday thru Thrusday. Please bring your lost or stolen report number with you. If you have not reported it stolen/lost you must bring proof of ownership.

How do I claim my property that was taken for Safekeeping?

Owners have 60 days to claim property that is being held for Safekeeping. If you need more time, call or write to request an extension. Unclaimed property will be destroyed or auctioned.

When can I claim my property that was taken from me and booked as evidence?

For all evidence that has been taken from a citizen who has been arrested or cited, we must recieve confirmation from the District Attorney that the case has been adjudicated on all defendents. There are times when the District Attorney will not release property immediately, pending further investigation or appeals.

All property releases are done by appointment only; you can call (925) 973-2796. Bring your identification ( ID, passport, or military ID) along with your case file number.

My firearm was taken from me and I want to come get it.

Firearm(s) can be confiscated, turned in for Safekeeping/Stored or be turned in for destruction. If and when a firearm(s) has been deemed "releasable" to a citizen, that person must apply with the Department of Justice for a background check.Please visit the DOJ website for release forms: oag.ca.gov . Not all firearm(s) will be returned to a citizen. SRPD requires a $65.00 release fee for each firearm(s) released. You will need to contact the SRPD Property and Evidence Division with any questions regarding firearms.

How can I find out if my lost item may have been turned into SRPD?

Unfortunately, not all lost property has been turned into the SRPD, but please click the link below to view property that has been turned into SRPD. Found property listed on the page will be updated frequent ley and will remain on the page for no more than 90 days or unless the items has been returned to the owner. You can always call or e-mail the SRPD property and evidence division for more information. Found Property

Jessica Simonds
Property and Evidence Division
(925) 973-2796



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