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In accordance with City Ordinance and State Government Code (pdf), the City of San Ramon maintains an Emergency Operations Center that is the single location from which all city resources are managed during response to an emergency. City personnel staff the facility and respond according to the Emergency Operations Plan that outlines the City’s responsibilities, the department/staff assigned to manage the responsibilities, and the methods that encourage coordination and collaboration with county, state and federal resources. The City maintains a Disaster Council (pdf) to insure input from the citizens, businesses, and partners who respond alongside the City during an emergency.

Annually, a training and exercise plan is created, approved and executed according to the City of San Ramon Emergency Preparedness Strategic Plan (pdf) . City staff have been trained on the California Standardized Emergency Management System, the National Incident Management System, and the City Emergency Operations Plan. Training remains a current theme to keep staff ready to respond. Annual drills and regular exercises help staff remain involved and aware of the tasks ahead of them during and after an emergency.

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