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DRIVERS: Stop for stop sign and remained stopped until the crossing guard steps onto the sidewalk.
This makes sure that a child, unseen to the driver and crossing guard, doesn’t run into the crosswalk
and get hit.

  • It also allows for the safety of the crossing guard.
  • If the car starts to go, it leaves everyone wondering if the driver is going to hit a pedestrian or the crossing guard.
  • Think about it, would you like someone trying to drive through the crosswalk while you were in it, or were crossing with your children? What if one of your kids turned around and ran back to the other side of the street because they forgot something in front of this moving car? Would they be hit?
  • Remember 2815 cvc above requires you to remain stopped until the Crossing Guard and children reach a point of safety (the sidewalk).

PEDESTRIANS: If you’re crossing in the crosswalk, wait on the sidewalk for the Crossing Guard to stop traffic and tell you its safe to cross in the crosswalk. Remember the Crossing Guard is there for your safety.

  • The Crossing Guard is trying to cross you and the children and still allow for traffic to get through.
  • Remember that your children will follow your example of obeying or disobeying the Crossing Guard.
  • Don’t teach your children to cross in the middle of the street. Teach them to cross in the crosswalk with the Crossing Guard.
  • Remember 2815 cvc above requires you and your children to obey the Crossing Guards direction.

The following are traffic laws that relate to the Crossing Guard and general traffic laws relevant to your school. 


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