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The Police Department’s fleet consists of approximately 60 vehicles, including patrol cars, traffic safety vehicles (cars, motorcycles, radar trailers), Investigation vehicles, Police Service Technician vehicles, and Emergency Command units.

O.J. Plotner, Fleet Coordinator PD Vehicles

The ultimate goal and responsibility of Fleet Services is to provide officers and staff with safe and reliable vehicles to respond to emergencies and perform law enforcement duties. Fleet Services Coordinator O.J. Plotner has over 25 years of fleet logistics experience. He ensures the vehicles are inspected, repaired and maintained according to a rigorous preventive maintenance schedule designed around the vehicle’s severe duty use. The Fleet Coordintator is also responsible for the purchase and emergency “up-fit” of vehicles, license and titling, accident repairs, budgeting, special vehicle projects, driver assignments, used vehicle disposal and all other aspects of operating our fleet.

Due to multiple work shifts and multiple drivers, some vehicles travel up to 700 miles per week. The severe duty use of these vehicles requires a rigorous, preventive maintenance schedule. The emergency vehicles accrue approximately 100,000 miles before being replaced or transferred to non-emergency positions for additional mileage.

Click here to find out about our classic 1952 Chevrolet “Police Vehicle”

Moving forward…
Since the Ford Motor Company ended its production of the Crown Victoria, San Ramon has chosen the Dodge Charger police package as its replacement. A new Charger was purchased for Investigations, and temporarily mocked-up as our “patrol car of the future.” Multiple suppliers provided various samples of their equipment, enabling us to pick and choose the products best suited for use in these future patrol cars.

Now, with the products chosen, our officers will have the full range of seat adjustability unencumbered by the cage partition, unlike the restrictions of the old Crown Victorias. The interior equipment is also more compact, providing additional room. The latest technology and design of electronic equipment will enable officers to work efficiently, while placing less demand on the vehicle’s electrical system. After a few last equipment decisions are made, the first four of these new Chargers will be built for active duty.

Mocked up Dodge Charger patrol car

We provide efficient delivery of quality public services that are essential to those who live and work in San Ramon.
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