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How do I go about getting a copy of my crime report? What does it cost?
We accept requests by mail, walk-in, and fax.  Records staff will contact you by telephone , fax, or U.S. mail to advise you of the fees for this service.  Requests will not be mailed unless all fees have been paid in advance.  Your request for information is normally processed and mailed within ten (10) business days.  Refer to our fee schedule for costs.

Note: Victims of crime, their legal representative, or their insurance carrier are entitled to receive a copy of a crime report; refer Government code 6254(f).  If you were involved in a crime but you are not a victim, contact our office to learn how and when these documents can be obtained.

My child is under 18 years old and was involved in a crime.  How can I obtain a copy of the report?Contra Costa County law enforcement agencies cannot directly release information pertaining to a juvenile involved in a crime.  Come in to complete a request for "Juvenile Release of Information". The Judge of the Juvenile Court will review your request and the crime report.  Once the Judge's decision (approx. 10 business days) is made, records staff will mail the crime report or the decision not to release as prescribed by the judge.  Requests will not be processed unless fees have been paid in advance.

How does my restraining order get recorded?
At the end of each court day, Monday through Friday at 5:00 pm, all restraining order documents executed by that business day in Contra Costa County are delivered to the Records Division and records staff make the required entries into the Domestic Violence Restraining Order System of the State.

How can I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest?
We do not provide warrant information to the public.  Contact the court of jurisdiction for information.

How do I find out if someone is in custody?
Contra Costa County Sheriff's Custody Services Bureau handles all in-custody inmate information.  They can be reached at (925) 646-4496, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

How can I find out my arrest record after I have been released?
The Records Division will accept your request for out-of-custody arrest information by mail or walk-in.  Only the subject of the arrest record may obtain a copy of their arrest (i.e. credit for time served, date of release, date of intake, etc.), unless they authorize someone else to obtain the copy.  The request must be in writing from the arrested person and his/her signature verified, attach a photocopy of CDL, ID card, etc.  The authorized person must also provide a picture identification at the time of request/release.  This does not pertain to the crime report.  Contact our office to learn how and when these documents can be obtained.

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