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School BusSchool Resource Officer (SRO) Program

San Ramon Police Department’s Youth Services Program has developed over the years to better address the community’s changing juvenile needs and to offer to the youth of our community the opportunity to succeed.

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program was developed to address juvenile crime and safety concerns in our local schools. The SRO program places a police officer in the middle and high schools with the goal of creating and maintaining a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment for students, teachers, and staff.  The SRO program reflects the community’s desire to ensure that its schools are safe and secure.  SROs represent a proactive strategy designed to bring prevention and intervention into the schools.

A San Ramon PD SRO is on campus periodically at the middle schools - Gale Ranch, Iron Horse, Pine Valley, and Windemere Ranch and daily at the high schools - California and Dougherty Valley. The presence of a uniformed police officer provides a deterrent to criminal activity by discouraging unwanted and undesirable visitors on the school grounds or in the surrounding area.

every 15 minutesSROs provides support and training for school staff on issues of juvenile law, substance abuse, and school safety. They investigate crimes committed by juveniles and are involved in planning and executing several enforcement programs throughout the year, such as juvenile drinking suppression and the “Every 15 Minutes” program. The SROs also co-facilitates the TAG and Divine Minds intervention groups at the middle and high schools.

We have noticed an increase in adolescent alcohol and drug use cases and we attribute this increase to three factors:

  • Because of the affluent area, alcohol is very accessible.
  • Parents work or are absent and there is too much unsupervised time.
  • Younger children tend to be more inquisitive and will experiment.
  • There is a parental perception that drinking is a rite of passage and not a serious problem.

The School Resource Officers are positive role models for many students who are not exposed to such role models in today’s society, and their presence in the school sends a strong message that violence and certain behaviors are not acceptable.

Officer Jeff Kim Officer Katie Williams Officer Mark Gunning Officer Michele Goldberg
Officer Jeff Kim
(925) 973-2747
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California High
Officer Katie Williams
(925) 973-2648
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Dougherty Valley High
Corporal Mark Gunning
(925) 973-2737
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SR Middle Schools
Officer Michele Goldberg
(925) 973-2739
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SR Middle Schools

Youth Resource Officer Program

Group of YouthThe Youth Resource Program is a collaborative effort between the Police Department and the Parks and Community Services Department, in partnership with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, the California State Youth Employment and Development, parents, local businesses, and the community as a whole. The program was started under the premise of merging a community policing philosophy with the preventive nature of recreation and community services programs. This state grant funded program has a SRPD officer assigned to work with these agencies to provide early intervention and education to those vulnerable youth in middle school and high school.

In San Ramon, Juvenile Diversion begins with an assessment meeting involving the child, a parent, the Youth Resource Officer, and a family therapist. The officer and therapist discuss the student’s attitude, school performance, and family problems. Young people who decide to join the program, along with a parent, sign a Diversion contract that maps out community service requirements and other requirements for the juvenile to fulfill. The Diversion probation typically lasts between six months and a year and often includes a referral to an anger management class, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, or family therapy.

Youths in the Diversion program are heard and given an opportunity to make better choices. When the youth has successfully completed Diversion requirements, his or her case is closed and shredded.

The program’s intent is to offer a stronger consequence for youth crime, where otherwise there would not be a consequence. Youth and their parents participate voluntarily in the program. Some parents choose to pay a fine in lieu of having their child do community service, other may choose to go through to probation where in many cases the crime is just dismissed. Only in the more severe offenses are youth given significant fines and community service hours from probation. For those who choose to do community service, the Diversion program offers a constructive consequence as well as attempts to address any bigger issues the youth may be having.

For more information about the
Youth Resource & Juvenile Diversion programs, please contact the Youth Resource Officer
Jacob Benjamson at (925) 973-2768
Youth Resource Officer Benjamson  

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