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San Ramon LogoCreek/Catch Basin Maintenance


The Public Services Department maintains the City's storm drain system and creeks in order to keep them free from debris and obstruction.  This maintenance is important to ensure the flow of storm drain water.  Maintenance staff also strive to preserve natural habitats.  As a result, some creeks and waterways are not cleared.   

In addition, the City's street sweepers provide for the removal of contaminants from the City's streets before they are able to reach our local creeks.  Other benefits we receive from the Street Sweeping Program include the removal of annoyances arising from the accumulation of dirt and other debris, and promoting safety and compliance with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (N.P.D.E.S.).  In order for our residents to receive these benefits, our sweeper operators sweep residential areas twice a month and arterial roadways once a week.  Please remember that  keeping San Ramon's streets clean is a big job for the City's street sweepers, and never more so than in the fall, when trees turn golden and shed their leaves.  Sometimes, leaves piled in gutters can clog the street sweeper because they can contain articles that may damage the sweepers.  As a result, the sweepers will bypass large mounds of debris.  Fallen leaves should be placed in the appropriate green waste container and placed at the curb for pick-up or be used for composting. 

Please remember that, generally, v-ditches and pipes on private property are the responsibility of the homeowner.  During winter storms, some flooding can occur if v-ditches are not properly maintained.  Bear in mind that keeping v-ditches clear of debris allows water to remain in the existing system and away from inhabited areas.



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