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San Ramon Service Center
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San Ramon LogoFacilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance crews provide preventative and restorative maintenance for the San Ramon Community Center, City Offices, San Ramon Olympic Pool and Aquatic Park, Senior Center, and Forest Home Farms. Staff is also responsible for the daily maintenance and operation of the City’s water features, such as the participatory fountain at San Ramon Central Park, the fountain at Bollinger Canyon Road and Alcosta Boulevard, and the fountain at Dougherty Road and Crow Canyon Road.

>>>Click here for detailed Fountain Information and Schedule<<<

Facilities Maintenance personnel also provide service to the City of San Ramon's Service Center located at 5000 Crow  Canyon Road.  This is the home base for the City’s Public Services and administrative activities. The Service Center provides preventative maintenance and repair for all maintenance equipment and vehicles.

In addition, staff technicians work with community volunteers to restore vintage John Deere and other vintage model tractors.  These tractors are on display at Forest Home Farms.  Visit the Forest Home Farms page for additional information about hours of operation and upcoming events.   

Fountain Schedule

The City of San Ramon currently operates seven display fountains.  As a result of service level reductions and cost saving measures, the following fountains will be operating on a modified schedule: Bollinger Canyon Fountain (at Bollinger and Chanterella), Ring and Rock Fountain (at Alcosta, in front of the San Ramon Community Center) and the Meadow Fountain (located at Alcosta, behind the San Ramon Community Center). 

The schedule for fountains that are funded by annual homeowner assessments through the Landscaping and Lighting District will remain the same. These fountains include Canyon Lakes (at Bollinger and Alcosta) and Step and Reflection (at Dougherty and Crow Canyon).

While the City expects to have the fountains running as scheduled, there may be situations where unforeseen disruptions or repairs are needed.   The City also schedules routine maintenance which may necessitate the fountains being inoperable for some time.  Some repairs may take several days or weeks to complete.  In order to protect the City of San Ramon and its standards of excellence for facilities, the City reserves the right, at any time, to shut down the fountains for safety concerns and unforeseen maintenance problems.

No special permits or requests will be considered to turn on the display at these fountains outside the schedule of operation. If you have any questions regarding the fountains, you may contact Public Services at (925) 973-2800, or complete a CRM service request.

(Bollinger and Chanterella)
Mon - Fri 5-9 pm 8-9 pm
Sat - Sun 11 am - 7 pm  
(Bollinger & Alcosta)
Currently closed for repair
Mon - Fri
6-10 am, 6-10 pm 6-10 pm
In an effort to assist with the conservation of water, the City has temporarily turned off the Canyon Lakes Fountain.  The City’s display fountains use recirculated water, but during the course of routine maintenance staff noticed a loss of water and determined the cause to be a leak in the fountain basin. The City is currently in the process of obtaining repair quotes to have the system repaired and the fountain back in service soon.  A repair schedule will be posted on the website as soon as it is available.
CHILDREN'S PARTICIPATORY FOUNTAIN (Central Park) Currently closed for repairDaily
April 1 - Oct 30
11 am - 6 pm  
MEADOW (Alcosta, behind the Community Center) Sat - Sun 11 am - 6 pm 6 pm to 10 pm
April 1 - Oct 30
11 am - 6 pm  
STEP & REFLECTION FOUNTAINS (Corner of Dougherty & Crow Canyon) Mon - Fri 6-10 am, 6-10 pm 5-6:30 am, 9-10 pm
Sat - Sun 9-10 am 5-6:30 am, 9-10 pm
RING & ROCK (at Alcosta, in front of the community center) Currently closed for maintenance    




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