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The Streets Maintenance crew is responsible for the maintenance of the City's streets and ensures that the roadways we use have acceptable riding surfaces.  In order to accomplish this task, streets maintenance staff are responsible for providing street striping, sidewalk repair services, street patching, and pot hole patching.  In addition, staff is responsible for traffic signs, curb painting, and median painting.  

The crew is responsible for the maintenance of 608,976 linear feet of street striping on arterial and collector streets. Although the City of San Ramon has contracted for this maintenance in the past, during Fiscal Year 2002, the City will maintain approximately 115 miles of striping in-house.  Maintenance includes repainting all striping throughout the City each year, including pavement markings such as crosswalks, stop legends, and school crossings. 

There are over 292 miles of sidewalks in the City of San Ramon.  Sidewalk maintenance is performed on an "as needed" basis.  Maintenance crews repair raised, cracked, or broken sidewalks located within the City's right of way.  When the need for repair is discovered by staff or a resident, the location is inspected and, if needed, the location is temporarily repaired either by grinding or with a patching compound.  The City of San Ramon conducts an annual sidewalk repair project which is contracted out by the City's Engineering Services and provides permanent repairs for our community's sidewalks.  If you see a sidewalk that needs repair, please contact the Public Services at (925) 973-2800 or complete a CRM service request.

Potholes mysteriously appear on our roadways and are rough on us and our vehicles.  Potholes can be caused by many different things, the most common cause is water.  Water seeps into cracks in the surface of the roadway and either by vibration of vehicle tires in a cracked area or stresses to the pavement by the weight of trucks and buses, the pavement sinks, resulting in a pothole. Streets maintenance crews provide temporary repairs to potholes and irregularities in the pavement on a continual basis.  Initial repair of a pothole is considered only a patch until more complete re-surfacing overlay is completed.

Since potholes can appear overnight, we appreciate any information the community can provide regarding the location of potholes.  If you would like to report a pothole, please contact the Public Services at (925) 973-2800 or complete a CRM service request

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