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What is the Requirement?

Per San Ramon City Ordinance No. 396, applicants for building, remodeling, and demolition permits are required to re-use or recycle at least 50% of the construction and demolition debris generated by each of their projects.

Who Needs to Complete a Waste Management Plan?

Permit applicants for:

  • All complete demolition projects (removal of an entire structure)
  • All other projects with a valuation of $100,000 or more

No permit can be issued for these types of projects until:

  1. The permit applicant has submitted a signed Waste Management Plan, and;
  2. That plan has been approved and signed by an authorized representative of the City. 

The Waste Management Plan and Waste Management Plan Instructions are available on this website and at the Planning Department Permit Counter.

How Do I Comply with the Ordinance?

There are two ways to comply:

  1. Select ONE commercial recycling transporter, permitted by the City of San Ramon, to handle all of the debris from the project; or

  2. Manage your own debris, complete a detailed Waste Management Plan, and demonstrate that 50% of the material was recycled through the use of construction/demolition debris recycling facilities that are approved by the City.



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