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On average, Americans waste 25 percent of the food they prepare. We throw away 44 percent of our yard trimmings and over 90 percent of our wood waste. It's time to be part of the solution.

EPA launched its new organic materials Website. This Website is a great place for businesses and consumers to find ways to put surplus food, yard trimmings and wood waste to good use. With information on the Food Waste Recovery Hierarchy, EPA's GreenScapes program, and wood waste recovery options, everyone can find a way to be part of the solution.

Visit the EPA's Organic Materials Website at http://www.epa.gov/organicmaterials

Home composting goes one step beyond recycling to reduce your garbage significantly, and it takes less than 15 minutes per week doing it.  It takes so little time, space, and effort, yet is so rewarding.  Reduce your garbage, save valuable landfill space, and have some fun!

The City of San Ramon is participating in a program which offers City residents a reduced price for a back yard composting bin.  The Home Composting for Busy People program will ship a Smith & Hawken Biostack composting bin directly to your home for a discounted price. There is also a Norsmen Earth Machine for "passive" composting (does not require turning).  Available first come, first serve, while supplies last. The program also offers free classes in home composting and/or will lend residents an instructional video tape.  For more information, call the Home Composting Hotline at (925) 906-1806 or order on line at http://www.wastediversion.org/binvideo.htm

Discover how to home compost your yard trimmings and selected kitchen waste in three easy steps by attending any one of the many FREE home composting workshops provided by the City in partnership with the Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority.  Please make a reservation for your workshop by contacting Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority at (925) 906-1801 x306.


The City of San Ramon, in partnership with the Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority, is once again promoting grasscycling – the time saving, waste reducing, pollution minimizing and water conserving method to manage your lawn.

Grasscycling is the simple practice of leaving your grass clippings on the lawn. This is a great way to "recycle" grass clippings and return moisture and nutrients that will benefit your lawn. Grasscycling is also a great way to avoid the work of grass disposal.

To grasscycle, simply cut your lawn often enough so that you never cut more then a third of the blade length (producing 1" or less clippings). For most people, this means cutting the lawn once every one to two weeks. Clippings will remain on the lawn but quickly disappear as dehydration and decomposition takes place.

Grasscycling does not cause thatch or spread diseases and, if done correctly, will not change the appearance of your lawn. No special equipment is needed but a good functioning lawn mower (push mowers work fine). For more information, or to receive free copies of grasscycling brochures, fact sheets or videos, call the CCCSWA at 925-906-1806, or check the grasscycling web page.



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