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Garbage & Recycling
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San Ramon Logo Holiday Recycling Information


Collection Schedule:

No PIck-Up on Christmas Day and New Year's Day

During these holiday weeks, if your service day falls on or after the holiday, your pick-up will occur one day late through Saturday.

Please Recycle

Cardboard boxes, packing paper, christmas cards, and non-metallic wrapping paper can all be recycled in your recycilng cart. Sorry, no metallic wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons, or bows, those can go in your garbage cart. Please recycle your food scraps and soiled paper products (paper napkins, paper plates, paper cups, etc.) in your green waste cart.

Extra Garbage, Recyclables, Yard Trimmings

If you have too much cardboard to fit in your recycling cart, you can flatten it and leave it beside your cart for collection. The cardboard needs to be cut down to a size that the driver can fit it into an empty cart. You can also take extra cardboard, paper, bottles, cans, scrap metal or yard trimmings to a recycling center.

You can purchase 32 gallon "Bag-It" bags to pre-pay for curbside collection of extra garbage. These bags can be purchased for $5 each at City of San Ramon, 2226 Camino Ramon, Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Extra cardboard, yard trimmings, wood, and unwanted household items, tires, metal, and electronics can also be set out for collection during your neighborhood special clean-up days . See the link to find the date of your next clean-up. The winter clean-ups occur during late January and early February.

Thrift Store Donations and Applicance Recycling

Please donate used clothing, books, and household items that are in usable condition to local thrift stores. Note than donations to non-profit thrift stores are tax deductable, and some stores offer free collection of furniture and other items in good condition. Appliances can be recycled by JACO Environmental at (800) 741-0172 or www.jacoinc.net.

Electronics, Light Bulbs, Batteries, Hazardous Waste, Needles & Medicine

Please do not place these items in the your garbage or recycling carts. Safe disposal and recycling options for these items can be found at the following links: Electronics, Light Bulbs & Batteries, Hazardous Waste, Needles, and Unwanted Medicine.

Other Resources

For other questions related to garbage and recycling, please contact Waste Management at (925) 837-3356 or see the following links.



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