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Universal Waste

It is illegal to dispose of universal waste with regular trash.  Universal waste includes Household Batteries, Fluorescent Bulbs, Mercury Thermometers and many Electronic Devices (including but not necessarily limited to: Computers, Printers, Microwave Ovens, VCR's, Radios, Cordless Telephones, Cellular Telephones and Answering Machines).  Residents and small businesses can dispose of batteries and florescent tubes/bulbs at our Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility in Martinez.  For more information please visit www.centralsan.org or call 1-800-646-1431.  For electronic disposal please visit our Electronic Recycling page.

Local recycling/reuse options available for the various universal waste types:

On-Call Door-to-Door Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Residents can recycle household batteries and fluorescent lights through San Ramon's On-Call Door-to-Door Household Hazardous Waste program. Please call 1-800HHW-PKUP (800-449-7587) or e-mail atyourdoor@wm.com to shedule a pick-up.

Disposal of Batteries

Some retail stores which sell household batteries will also take them back for recycling at no charge. See this link for a list of Contra Costa County retailers who provide free household battery recycling.

These are private, voluntary programs. They are not sponsored by the City. Please contact the store to confirm that the program is still in place and to inquire about any guidelines or restrictions. These stores accept small quantities of batteries from residents, but do not accept large quantities of batteries from other businesses.



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