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February 19, 2009

Planning Conference Room
2226 Camino Ramon


Committee Members Attending:  Jim McVay, Walt Trembley, Peter Rathman, Harvey Riggs

Committee Members Absent:  Gordon Kimber

Council Members Attending:   None

Planning Commission Liaison:  Harry Sachs

Teen Council Liaison:  None

Guests Attending: None                                             

Staff Members Attending: Lisa Bobadilla, PJ Dhoot, Leslie Chase

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair Harvey Riggs at 6:30 p.m. 

Lisa Bobadilla announced that Gordon Kimber has submitted his resignation from the TAC.  Gordon will be recognized at the City Council meeting as a long term member of the TAC where he made valuable contributions to the committee.  Lisa also reported that Steve Simmons will be given recognition at the City Council scheduled on February 24, 2009.   All TAC members in attendance will also be acknowledged at the meeting.


M/S/C/U (Rathman/McVay) to approve the minutes of the December 18, 2008 meeting.




4.1       Election of Chair and Vice Chair

M/S/C/U (McVay/Trembley) to nominate Harvey Riggs as Committee Chair (4-0).

M/S/C/U (McVay/Riggs) to nominate Walt Trembley as Committee Vice Chair (4-0).

4.2       County Connection Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Status Report

Harvey Riggs distributed the County Connection’s announcement on the “Changes Ahead!” which takes effect on March 22, 2009.   This includes transit fares increases and the closure of the Walnut Creek Transportation Center and its relocation to Arnold Way in Concord.  Harvey also mentioned that the City of San Ramon’s website has two links to County Connection which provides information on the new schedules, route changes, transit fares, bus stops including a list of locations where transit tickets could be purchased. 

4.3       Active Residential Traffic Calming (RTC) Streets Status Report

PJ Dhoot gave a status on active RTC streets as follows:

  • Monarch Road –  staff will conduct observations in Spring of 2009.  Staff requested Police Services to provide selective enforcement of speed and yielding to pedestrian.
  • Calais Drive – implementing Phase 1 which includes police enforcement and radar trailer.  Staff is monitoring its effectiveness.
  • Celaya Circle – staff is implementing Phase I of RTC which includes radar trailer and police enforcement and is monitoring the effects of Phase 1.
  • Chanterella Drive, Lilac Ridge, and Rosincress Drive – Staff met with residents and developed a mitigation plan.

Harvey Riggs suggested warning notification for pedestrians along the Iron Horse Trail to see the yellow flashing beacon. There was discussion about the effectiveness of the yellow flashing beacons on the part of pedestrians along the trail as well as the use of an audio box as another option. 

Peter Rathman questioned who has the right of way which he thought was somewhat confusing.  Lisa stated that staff could develop rules and educate people to better understand the system and the purpose of the flashing beacons.  

Harvey Riggs mentioned that some of the problems may be caused by the technology and staff should look into this.

4.4       Radar Speed Display Sign Monitoring Update and New Location Analysis

PJ Dhoot reported that staff has taken the data from the Radar Speed Display signs and results will be presented to the TAC in March.   PJ stated that there was a significant speed reduction on Montevideo Drive compared to San Ramon Valley Boulevard.  PJ also indicated that the addition of four Radar Speed Display signs have been approved by the City Council.  Staff will start analyzing and prioritizing locations where the RSDS would be installed.  Staff is looking at southbound on San Ramon Valley Boulevard, eastbound Bollinger Canyon Road, Twin Creeks Drive, and Rosincress Drive.  If the TAC concurs with staff’s recommendations on these four locations, staff could start working on the studies.

Lisa Bobadilla indicated that Jim McVay brought up a good point with regard to the stretch of Bollinger Canyon Road not being an ideal location for the RSDS.  She asked staff to go back to the priority list to review the locations and update the TAC at the next meeting.  Harvey suggested that staff look into slowing down the motorists travelling westbound on Bollinger Canyon Road. 

PJ Dhoot announced that the City purchased its own radar trailer which collects/records data and is specifically designated for RTC program.  PJ will provide TAC with a monthly calendar.

Harvey Riggs complimented staff for the good work they have done throughout Dougherty Valley especially with the traffic control.

5.         NEW BUSINESS

5.1       Measure J Traffic Congestion Relief Agency (TRAFFIX)

Lisa Bobadilla gave a power point presentation on the Measure J Traffic Congestion Relief Agency discussing in detail every aspect of the program. 

The following categories were presented:

  • Development schedule which includes formation of process and structure and multi-agencies involved in the process
  • Routing Strategy -  a strategic approach to service delivery
  • Targeted Service Areas – utilize 19 buses to provide service to middle and elementary schools
  • Considerations and challenges of Pine Valley School, Walt Disney School, and Country Club Elementary
  • Joint Powers Authority (JPA) includes
  • Appointment – 2 representatives to the JPA from San Ramon, Danville, and School District plus Contra Costa District 3 Supervisor.
  • JPA Appointments – Vice Mayor Hudson and Councilmember Rowley with CM Perkins as alternate.
  • Appointments of Board of seven Directors
  • Technical Advisory Committee
  • Contract Program Administrator reporting directly to JPA

Lisa Bobadilla also elaborated on the next steps as follows:

  • Schedule follow-up meetings with school site Principals to reaffirm interest and participation in the program.
  • Schedule and meet with PTA’s Presidents and members at designated school sites.
  • Schedule and meet with Service Provider to begin process to implement “Trial” bus runs.
  • Develop an interactive website that serves as the primary mechanism for ticket purchases and parent communication.
  • Develop the collateral materials to promote and market the program throughout the San Ramon Valley.

Lisa indicated that parents can buy the annual pass on-line and will have to commit that they are participating in the program before the bus locations could be refined. 

Lisa stated that she will bring the Measure J budget to the TAC at the next meeting.  Harry Sachs suggested that the TRAFFIX website should have a link to the City website once it’s up and running.  Lisa reported that the website will be ready in mid-April and asked TAC to look at the website and provide feedback to staff.

5.2       Transportation Advisory Committee 2009 Workplan

Lisa Bobadilla discussed the summary of projects and programs that will be of interest to the TAC members.

Regional Transportation Planning/Projects

  • I-680 Norris Canyon HOV on/off ramp Project Study Report – Draft completed report to be completed in March.
  • I-680 Express Bus Access Study – Vice Mayor Hudson is on the committee.
  • San Ramon Valley Measure J Traffic Congestion Relief Agency (TRAFFIX) – updates were included in the Power Point Presentation.
  • Iron Horse Trail Corridor Concept Plan – Phase I is completed, Phase 2 is underway. 
  • Tri-Valley Transportation Council Strategic Expenditure Plan – Updating the fee program and prioritizing regional projects.

Local Transportation Planning/Projects

  • San Ramon Public Facilities/Cal High Parking and Circulation study recommendations – Final report in March 2009
  • Warrant Criteria for in-pavement lighting and flashing beacons.
  • Dougherty Valley Transit Shelter Installations – underway.
  • San Ramon Bicycle Facilities Guide – to be presented to the TAC in April.
  • San Ramon Valley Transit Service – compasses the whole valley. 

Recurring Transportation Programs/Activities

  • County Connection Citizen’s Advisory Committee – Harvey to continue to provide updates to the TAC.
  • Residential Traffic Calming Program – PJ will continue to take a lead on the RTC program and report to the TAC.
  • Radar Speed Display Sign – PJ to also take the lead on this project
  • Safe Routes to School  - PJ will provide updates to the TAC.
  • Street Smarts Programs – Nat Rojanasathira will continue to manage the Street Smarts Program.

Jim McVay asked staff to develop a strategy for the Cal High Parking study and ask staff to review the entire permit parking program.  Lisa will add this item on the calendar. 



6.1.      Committee Member Items


6.2       City Council Liaison Items


6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items

Commissioner Harry Sachs gave an update on the February 17, 2009 Planning Commission meeting specifically the Church of Nazarene expansion project.  They have productive meetings and outreach to Homeowner Associations.   Comm. Sachs said that it looks positive but the main concern includes parking lot, after dark lighting at the complex, more integrated exterior look and providing more secure landscape for residents.  Mr. Sachs also mentioned that public hearing notices were sent out to all property owners within 1000 ft. of the subject property. 

Comm. Sachs also talked about housing development and affordable housing projects for the City.  He stated that housing staff is adding affordable housing in Dougherty Valley.

6.4       Teen Council Liaison

The TAC will have a new teen Council Liaison starting next month.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for March 19, 2009, location to be determined.


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